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  1. Celebrity Gossip

    Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran to appear in MTV documentary

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    Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran began filming today for an upcoming documentary that is set to air on MTV soon.
  2. Music

    VIDEO: Is Ed Sheeran's cover of "Drunk in Love" better?

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    Who knew that "Drunk in Love" could be mellowed down even further and somehow stripped into an indie version? Leave it to the sheer...
  3. Music

    MUSIC REVIEW: Ed Sheeran raps his way through "Sing"

    We love Ed Sheeran so much, it hasn't even bothered us that we've been listening to his debut album for years now. OK, that's a lie....
  4. Celebrity Gossip

    Ed Sheeran disses Miley Cyrus, begs her to stop

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    Ed Sheeran appears to be one of the nicest guys in showbiz, never saying a bad word about anyone. That was until he saw Miley Cyrus...
  5. Celebrity Gossip

    Ed Sheeran saves kitten's life, starts its own Twitter page

    Ed Sheeran decided to adopt a kitten that was to be put down, and it probably already has more followers on Twitter than you do.
  6. Music

    VIDEO: Lupe Fiasco and Ed Sheeran's "Old School Love"

    Britain's latest swoon-worthy export, Ed Sheeran, lays down a sweet chorus for Lupe Fiasco's most laid-back, nostalgic track yet.
  7. Television

    10 Things you don't know about CT 's CC

    Courteney Cox has been charming audiences for nearly three decades, a fact made more impressive by the lack of skeletons in her...
  8. Celebrity Gossip

    Ed Sheeran got pass-out drunk at Jennifer Aniston's house

    Like a lot of people, Ed Sheeran can't hold his liquor. He recently had a drunken spill at a Hollywood A-lister's home.
  9. Music

    Lorde, Macklemore to perform at Grammy noms concert

    The Grammy nominations concert has become a huge event, and this year is no different. Watch Lorde, Macklemore, Taylor Swift and...
  10. Hookups, Breakups & Babies

    Ed Sheeran is living his childhood dream, except for one thing

    Ed Sheeran has fame, success, talent and a hot best friend. So what is his life still missing?
  11. Hookups, Breakups & Babies

    Taylor Swift is taking a break from bad boys

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    Taylor Swift is taking a break from the dating scene and reflecting on what kind of guy she should avoid in the future. Hint: John...
  12. Celebrity Gossip

    Ed Sheeran explains Taylor Swift's F-bomb at the VMAs

    Taylor Swift made a mistake when she got caught dropping some not-so-nice words on camera at the MTV Video Music Awards. But it...
  13. Hookups, Breakups & Babies

    Ed Sheeran thinks women want to "mother" him

    Ed Sheeran is one of the nicest guys in showbiz, but he insists that his many adoring fans want to mother him and not date him.
  14. Celebrity Gossip

    Taylor Swift pokes fun at Kanye West with... jam?

    Taylor Swift gives Ed Sheeran some jam, and pokes fun at Kanye West in the process.
  15. Celebrity Gossip

    Why Ed Sheeran may be the perfect guy for Taylor Swift

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    Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran may just be friends, but they have been spending a lot of time together. So what will it take for Swift...
  16. Hookups, Breakups & Babies

    Will Selena Gomez & Ed Sheeran last? YourTango weighs in

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    Former tween queen Selena Gomez — who was officially inducted into the Big Sister club on June 12 — is rumored to have closed the...
  17. Hookups, Breakups & Babies

    New couple alert: Selena Gomez and Ed Sheeran

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    Selena Gomez appears to be putting the Justin Bieber drama behind her as she begins a new summer romance with British singer Ed...
  18. Music

    Big names lend U2's Bono songs to help end world hunger

    U2's Bono is working to help end world poverty, and he now has the help of 50 of his best friends lending a hand, just in time for...
  19. Music

    Taylor Swift featuring Ed Sheeran "Everything Has Changed"

    Taylor Swift and her (ex? boy) friend Ed Sheeran take us back to school with the song and video for her new single "Everything Has...