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  1. Movies

    Modern Family 's Nolan Gould: Julie Bowen is crazy

    Modern Family cutie Nolan Gould gives us the inside scoop about the danger (aka hilarity) involved when working with zany Julie Bowen.
  2. Entertainment

    Star Spotlight: Ed O'Neill

    When we first settled in for Modern Family , we met Jay Pritchett and shouted, "Hey, that's Al Bundy!" How could Ed O'Neill...
  3. Television

    Favorite outtakes from Emmy-nominated actors

    There are few things we love more than outtakes. They make actors seem more human, and who doesn't like to laugh? With stars like...
  4. Television

    Modern Family gears up for a new addition in fourth season

    One of the most popular comedies on television, Modern Family is back for its fourth season. Ed O'Neill of Married with Children...
  5. Television

    Modern Family stars miss their first day at work

    The cast skipped its first day back for the fourth season, in a contract dispute. But the fight may be over more than just money,...
  6. Television

    2011 Primetime Emmy Awards: Comedy predictions...

    We’ve been asking for your take on a few of the 2011 Emmy categories and now it’s our turn to make our own predictions – starting...
  7. Television

    Modern Family season premiere pics: We're going to a dude ranch!

    The cast of Modern Family saddles up for season three premiere.
  8. Celebrity Gossip

    Ed O'Neill gets an honor worthy of Al Bundy

    Ed O'Neill of Modern Family is receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
  9. Celebrity Gossip

    Screen Actors Guild nominations announced!

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    The 17th annual Screen Actors Guild nominations rolled out an exciting list of nominees, including leader of the pack Modern Family...
  10. Television

    Ed O’Neill says Jane Lynch should not have won Emmy

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    Modern Family star Ed O’Neill says his co-star Sofia Vergara should have won the Emmy, not Glee 's Jane Lynch who plays Sue...
  11. Television

    ABC comedy rocks with The Middle, Cougar Town and Modern Family

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    Long gone are "Must-see-Thursdays" on NBC. Sitcom fans these days can't wait for ABC Wednesdays! We’ve got your preview of what's to...
  12. Television

    Modern Family preview: Loving the Family!

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    Modern Family , starring Sofia Vergara and Ed O'Neill, returns on ABC on Wednesday, September 29 for season two, episode two,...