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    Brave scores top DVD release

    Her name is Merida, and although she may have chosen her own path through Scotland, she managed to find her way into our number-one...
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    Spider-Man swings its way into top DVD release spot

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    Superheroes, super-sleighs, super-sisters, super-challenge and super-suspense this week in the world of DVDs. Here's who topped our...
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    First Position tops DVD releases

    An incredibly sincere documentary, First Position investigates the world of aspiring dancers looking to land a dream spot on stage,...
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    Top DVD releases: Madagascar 3 runs this zoo

    The gang is back and stampeding straight into your living room! Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted scores this week's top DVD...
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    Top DVD releases: Step back in time with The Princess Bride

    This week's top five DVD releases include two anniversary editions. One is a film that set the bar for fairy-tale romance in the...
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    Top 5 DVDs: The Avengers are in the house

    SheKnows' top five DVD picks for the weekend include everyone’s favorite action superhero film of the year, The Avengers. Hooray!
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    E.T. : Still a tearjerker after 30 years

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    Go retro this Halloween season and show your kids what made you want to phone home with E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial , new out on...
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    Top 5 DVDs: Best Exotic is a Marigold of a movie

    This week’s top five new DVD/Blu-ray releases include lots of lady picks.
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    Top 5 DVDs: What to Expect gives belly laughs

    Back into the couch this weekend and get ready for labor pains. What to Expect When You’re Expecting is our No. 1 pick for...
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    Top DVD releases: The Five-Year Engagement takes the cake

    This week’s top five DVD releases include the romantic comedy we’ve been waiting for... or rather, the wedding we’ve been waiting...
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    James Cameron: Rose had to toss Titanic diamond

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    SheKnows sat down with writer/director James Cameron to discuss some of the most common questions he gets about Titanic, the movie...
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    Top five DVD releases: You’re The Lucky One

    The sweeping romance written by The Notebook’s author Nicholas Sparks, The Lucky One, is our number-one pick this weekend for the...
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    Top 5 DVDs: Jack Black steals hearts in Bernie

    Jack Black and Shirley MacLaine star in this quirky crime drama about a murdering mortician and his latest victim. Grab an arm and...
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    Top DVD rentals: The Hunger Games hits No. 1

    If you haven’t seen it on the big screen, then get in line this weekend when The Hunger Games releases on DVD. See Katniss in all...
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    Jaws mom done slapping people

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    Following the remastering of Jaws , the movie that invented the summer blockbuster, the mom who gave Chief Brody a generous slap is...
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    Must-see DVDs: The Lorax is No. 1

    The must-see movie about the boy who saves the trees, The Lorax, is the SheKnows number one pick for rentals this weekend.
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    Top 5 hot DVD picks for the weekend

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    SheKnows brings you a look at this week’s top five newest DVD/Blu-ray releases.
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    Top 5 DVDs: Horror, drama and romance

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    This week’s top five DVD picks include romance, drama, horror and a host of great acting. Curl up on the couch for a hot summer...
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    Top 5 Redbox DVDs: Everyone's fighting a battle

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    This week’s top five Redbox/DVD/Blu-ray releases are dominated by two acting powerhouses: George Clooney and Meryl Streep. Who would...
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    Exclusive DVD sneak: My Week With Marilyn tells all

    The film that gave Michelle Williams her third Oscar nomination, playing Marilyn Monroe in the sexy drama, My Week With Marilyn...