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    One new DVD turns "soy sauce" into mind-warping drug

    A new DVD called John Dies at the End tells the strange story of a futuristic drug that does more than alter consciousness — it...
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    Lincoln frees the Red Box from mediocrity

    This presidential film is beautifully acted and directed. With some of the best performances of 2012, you won't want to miss out on...
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    Catch up with Oscar noms on DVD

    You’ll be able to add some heavy hitters to your Netflix queue this week, but which one should you watch first? Ladies seem to love...
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    A spiritual journey awaits you on DVD this weekend

    If you missed Life of Pi when it was in theaters, now is your chance to catch this beautiful Academy Award-winning film that will...
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    Behind the scenes of Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away on DVD

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    Bring the circus to your house in the 3D Blu-ray and DVD release of Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away on March 12. Find out how Erica...
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    Exclusive clip: Ang Lee talks concept artwork behind Life of Pi

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    Creating Life of Pi took the vision of director Ang Lee and the help of some talented concept artists. Lee explains the process of...
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    Indulge your 1980s nostalgia with new releases on DVD

    With the Red Dawn remake, that Red Box may give you a Red Scare and have you reminiscing about the Cold War. Even Wreck-It Ralph...
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    Get brainwashed by The Master on DVD this weekend

    Some great DVDs are out this weekend, including the must-see Paul Thomas Anderson film The Master , which is loosely based on the...
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    Covert no more: Argo out on DVD

    Well hello there, movie fans. We know you can't wait to check out the new DVD releases hitting stores this weekend so we threw...
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    The perks of weekend DVD releases

    Imagine, if you will, the love child of (500) Days of Summer and The Breakfast Club , and you'll get just a taste of this week's...
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    Flight soars to No.1 DVD release this week

    Take a look at our favorite DVD releases for the coming week. We've got you covered, from compelling dramas to romantic comedies and...
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    Seven Psychopaths , one hilarious DVD release

    Check which 5 DVDs topped our list this week, from Dracula to puppy burglars and beyond! If you're looking to take home a new movie...
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    Taken 2 was a box office hit

    There's a lot of kidnapping in this film series, but Taken 2 was a box office smash. Just be careful when you are on vacation in...
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    Frankenweenie comes to life on DVD

    We're not going to sugar coat it for ya: Tthis week was kind of a dud in the world of DVD releases. Frankenweenie is a worthy family...
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    Looper lands top DVD release

    Time travel, Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt with a prosthetic nose fought their way to our No. 1 release this week with the...
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    Pitch Perfect sings its way to top DVD release

    Five exciting DVD releases just in time for the holidays. Whether you're looking for last-minute stocking stuffers, something for...
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    Wahlberg and Ted take top DVD release

    Animated animals took the lead this week in DVD releases, but the top spot isn't the cute and fuzzy friend you'd probably expect.
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    The Dark Knight rises to top DVD release

    Batman is making his way onto most wish lists this season, and with good reason. The Dark Knight Rises is well-deserving of this...
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    Men in Black 3 scores top DVD release

    This is not a figment of your imagination. The Men in Black are back for another go and headed straight into your living room.
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    A chat with the creators of Brave

    The movie Brave is a new kind of princess fairy tale. We were lucky enough to get an exclusive interview with the director,...