drug abuse

  1. Drinks, Drugs & Rehab

    INTERACTIVE PHOTO: A deeper look at unexpected celebrity deaths

    The death of celebrities from drugs or alcohol seems to have become part of popular culture, but why? A new infographic shows the...
  2. Tweens, Teens & College

    The Medicine Abuse Project: "Wake Up to Medicine Abuse" Week

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    Prescription and over-the-counter drug abuse has grown to epidemic levels in our country, and unfortunately it's rampant among...
  3. Tweens, Teens & College

    Could my teen be using undetectable drugs?

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    If you regularly test your teen for drugs or are considering doing so, you may be surprised to hear that many new drug trends cannot...
  4. Tweens, Teens & College

    A party game that can kill

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    The death of an Oregon teenager after inhaling helium at a party sheds light on yet another potential risk that parents need to...