1. Sex Facts & Studies

    Men aren’t ignorant, they’re just jerks

    Alcohol is a common excuse for bad behavior, but when it comes to sexual aggression, a new study shows that it has nothing to do...
  2. Dieting & Nutrition

    Study shows why alcohol lowers our inhibitions

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    Ever wonder why you have so much more confidence after a drink or two? Scientists believe it's because two important parts of your...
  3. Prevention & Detection

    New study says alcohol increases breast cancer risk

    A new study shows that young women who drink have a higher risk for breast cancer than those who do not.
  4. Travel

    A food and bourbon guide to Lexington, Kentucky

    Bourbon and biscuits... is there anything better? Here's our guide to southern cuisine in the town where bourbon was created.
  5. Children's Diseases & Illnesses

    Is drinking OK for baby?

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    A British study suggests that light drinking while pregnant doesn't harm child development.
  6. Mom & Dad

    My kids are driving me to drink

    Parenting is a seriously stressful occupation that can push moms to their limits on a daily basis. Some learn to handle the stress...
  7. Dating Tips

    Make him the perfect cocktail

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    When he comes over to your place, arm yourself with this cocktail recipe — and prepare to blow his mind.
  8. Conditions

    Alcohol and your heart: What you should know

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    Over the past several years we’ve heard a lot about the heart-healthy benefits of alcohol, but that doesn’t mean a green light when...
  9. Baby & Toddler

    SIDS deaths peak on New Year’s Day

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    Researchers have discovered that Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) deaths increase 33% on New Year’s Day. Find out the cause of...
  10. Monday Mom Challenge

    Monday Mom challenge: Check your relationship with alcohol

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    Motherhood is a stressful job. More than one mom has joked, “Now I know why mothers drink!” But is it really a joke? Alcohol use...
  11. Women's Health

    Are you drinking enough water?

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    Your body is about two-thirds water. Clearly, this fluid is important for cellular metabolism, detoxification and to eliminate...