dress code

  1. K-12

    School dress codes are officially out of control when girls in floor-length gowns are barred from dances

    You know there's a problem with school dress codes when parents can't figure out why dozens of teen girls were sent home from a...
  2. K-12

    Yes, a 'Virginity Rocks' T-shirt counts as a school dress code violation

    A Fayetteville junior high school student was forced to remove her "Virginity Rocks" T-shirt because the school administration felt...
  3. School & Education

    This mother has every right to file a complaint over daughter being forced to wear 'shame suit' at school

    School has barely started, and dress code violations are already out of control. And by out of control, I'm referring to how schools...
  4. K-12

    School superintendent under fire for calling girls a nasty name over dress code violations

    Back to school means that your daughter will be subjected to wardrobe scrutiny by educators in the classroom. But no matter what she...
  5. Parenting

    Utah school alters girls' yearbook photos for modesty

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    The body police were working overtime in Utah, where girls' yearbook photos at one school were altered for a more modest look.
  6. Careers

    What your boss really thinks about your appearance at work

    According to a national survey of 150 senior executives and CEOs from the nation's top 500 manufacturing and service firms, most...
  7. Fashion & Style

    Style guide: Dos and don'ts about what to wear

    What the heck did she mean by smart casual, semi-formal attire with optional black tie accessories anyways? This style guide will...
  8. Fashion & Style

    How to interpret the workplace dress code

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    Sometimes interpreting the dress code at work can be as simple as reading the policy in your employee handbook. However, many...
  9. Fashion & Style

    Dress to impress: How fashion can affect your career

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    When asked to describe your communication skills in an interview, verbal and written are the most common types of communication...
  10. School & Education

    5 Hints for dressing your daughter modestly for school

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    When you're back-to-school shopping, you don't need to have a clothing war with your daughter. Girls, particularly 'tweens and...
  11. Fashion & Style

    Mini skirt ban

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    The mayor of an Italian town wants to put a mini skirt ban on the books, and local female politicians are speaking out. You won't...