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    Downton Abbey recap: Making it upstairs

    In this episode, there is lots of sulking from Edith, an interesting 15 seconds in a jazz club, and Tom is gonna make it after all.
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    Downton Abbey recap: Switching up staff downstairs

    There's a serious sexual transgression and staffing stir-up downstairs. Did everyone survive? (Yes.)
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    Fret not, single ladies! Dating advice from fictional femmes

    Sometimes you just need to sit down and channel your inner television character to find the right dating advice.
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    Downton Abbey recap: Downstairs Carson can't win

    Oh, Carson. Just give it up!
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    Downton Abbey recap: The women upstairs revolt!

    Between Carson and Lord Grantham, the ladies of Downton were fit to be tied. Those boys didn't stand a chance, though.
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    Downton Abbey recap: Sunken spirits downstairs

    Tragedy upstairs is mixed with drama and good news downstairs. What's next?
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    Downton Abbey recap: A shockwave upstairs

    Oh, the drama! The heartache! It's too much to bear! Why am I still watching this show?
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    A look at SAG newcomers, like Downton Abbey's Michelle Dockery

    From up-and-coming actresses like Michelle Dockery, to household names like Bradley Cooper, the stars nominated for first-time SAG...
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    Downton Abbey upstairs recap: On the fringe of a revolution

    In Season 3, Episode 3 of Downton Abbey, Matthew Crawley fears a face-off with Robert Crawley on the Earl's mismanagement of the...
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    Downton Abbey downstairs recap: Thomas lusts for a new footman

    In Season 3, Episode 3 of Downton Abbey, Ethel decides to give up her son, Charlie, while creepy valet Thomas lusts over the new...
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    Downton Abbey recap: Drama upstairs

    Oh, the drama! Downton Abbey is on the verge of being lost forever, Edith is set to marry someone no one likes, and Mary's marriage...
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    Downton Abbey recap: Drama downstairs

    Edith's wedding is less fun for the residents downstairs. There are rugs that must be rolled up, shirts to be cleaned and ironed,...
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    Shocking spoilers for Downton Abbey

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    Downton Abbey kills off one of its most popular characters in the Season 3 finale.
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    Shirley MacLaine talks Downton in The Saturday Evening Post

    This is just a reminder: Shirley MacLaine is bloody brilliant! If you don't believe us, catch the Downton Abbey season three...
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    Downton Abbey recap: The return of poshness and snobbery

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    As always, Downton Abbey is in a state of hubbub. There are weddings to attend, lovers to reunite, and business affairs to take care...
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    Top TV fashion icons of all time

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    Everyone has that favorite TV character with the impeccable wardrobe to offer styling inspiration. But with so many fashionable...
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    Downton Abbey Season 4 is a go, but will Matthew be back?

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    Rejoice, Downton Abbey fans — Season 4 is officially a go! Trouble is, all may not be quite well with Dan Stevens, known best to...
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    PBS is especially excited about the Emmys this year

    For the first time, Downton Abbey is in the Oustanding Drama Series category, competing against some of the heavyweights of...
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    Emmy winners predicted: Our picks for 2012

    We highlight our top 2012 Emmy picks for Comedy Series, Drama Series, Reality Program, and Variety Series.
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    PBS: Social media made Downton Abbey popular

    The show is about to enter its third season, and PBS CEO is talking about what makes the show so popular.