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  1. Baby Names

    The best Emmy baby names for TV junkies

    Whether you are a huge Game of Thrones fan or just finished binge watching five season of Orange Is the New Black , we have...
  2. Television

    Downton Abbey posts awesome response to water bottle-gate

    It's safe to say that the cast of Downton Abbey has a sense of humor. Just days after a promotional photo from the show's upcoming...
  3. Television

    New Downton Abbey promo photo features one big blooper

    Talk about embarrassing. Downton Abbey is making the rounds on the blogosphere for one wrong reason. Earlier this week, a...
  4. Television

    New family photos: First look at Downton Abbey Season 5

    Have you missed Lord Grantham and his gang terribly? We feel your pain and we have the cure. PBS/Masterpiece has released the first...
  5. Movies

    Non-Stop 's Michelle Dockery on stress: "I can hold it together"

    We love her as Lady Mary Crawley on the addictive TV show Downton Abbey . Her latest role takes her into the unfriendly skies of...
  6. Television

    Labyrinth sends Downton Abbey star farther back in time

    The CW has picked up an interesting four-hour event series titled Labyrinth , starring Downton Abbey 's Jessica Brown-Findlay and...
  7. Television

    12 Must-watch TV moments of 2013

    All of those early lists are overrated. 2013 doesn't end until midnight on Dec. 31st, right? Here's our look at the best TV moments...
  8. Cooking & Entertaining

    Downton Abbey dinner party menu

    What's not to love about Downton Abbey? Compelling characters, a fascinating storyline set in the early 1920s, love triangles and...
  9. Television

    Cover your eyes! Downton Abbey Season 4 spoilers

    With the series airing previously in the U.K., that means we have all the juicy spoilers you want before the show even airs one...
  10. Movies

    SheKnows steals an interview from the stars of The Book Thief

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    This beloved book finally makes its way to the cinema with Oscar-winner Geoffrey Rush, Emily Watson and new-comer 13-year-old Sophie...
  11. Television

    Downton Abbey: Season 4 promises life after death

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    PBS has released an early trailer for the upcoming season of Downton Abbey, but we also have an extra trailer to get a better...
  12. Celebrity Gossip

    Diddy apparently thinks he is appearing on Downton Abbey

    The rapper tweeted a message saying he had a new job, but the show itself seems to have no idea what he is talking about.
  13. Celebrity Gossip

    Man Candy Mondays: Dan Stevens

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    A towheaded British hunk who also happens to be wildly intelligent? We don't mind if we do! Dan Stevens, of highbrow Downton Abbey...
  14. Movies

    Cinderella gets an actress from Downton Abbey

    After months of speculating over which lucky actress would be the next Cinderella, Disney announced the decision Tuesday.
  15. Fashion & Style

    Downton Abbey –inspired couture? It's coming

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    It's time for another fashion line inspired by a popular television show. Which one this time? It's all about Downton Abbey !
  16. Celebrity Gossip

    Why is Downton's Dan Stevens suddenly dark and gaunt?

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    After a dramatic end to his character's arc on Downton Abbey , the actor has been seen around New York with a very different look....
  17. Celebrity Gossip

    Topless scene regret: Jessica Brown Findlay has it

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    Jessica Brown Findlay is suffering topless scene regret. The young woman the world came to love as Lady Sybil lifted her shirt...
  18. Movies

    Theo James to star in Divergent

    Theo James is set to take on the role of Four in the futuristic thriller Divergent .
  19. Television

    Big news for Downton : Who's coming and who's going?

    PBS announces some interesting casting news for Season 4 of Downton Abbey .
  20. Television

    First look: Parade's End

    Desperately seeking a filler to take the spot Downton Abbey left in your heart? HBO has just the thing: Try Parade's End.