domestic violence

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    Kerry Washington fights domestic violence in unique way (VIDEO)

    For Kerry Washington, purple is definitely in this fall.
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    What Fifty Shades of Grey readers don't want to know

    Everyone seems to be excited for the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey movie — but the book is already doing damage, a new study claims.
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    Meredith Vieira reveals #WhySheStayed

    Meredith Vieira has had a lot of jobs and she is always working hard to relate to her guests. But as she reported on the NFL...
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    ESPN anchor gives heartbreaking perspective on Ray Rice incident (VIDEO)

    The National Football League is a gigantic spectacle, captivating fans' attention every Sunday during the fall and early winter...
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    Chris Brown has some interesting advice for Ray Rice

    The news of Ray Rice's domestic violence against his now-wife Janay Rice continues to dominate the headlines. One musician, who has...
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    5 Questions we have for the NFL regarding the Ray Rice case

    In July, Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice was suspended from two NFL games under the league's personal conduct policy after he...
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    The question no one seems to be asking about the #whyistayed story

    By now, you've likely seen the elevator video of NFL runningback Ray Rice punching his future wife in the face and knocking her out...
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    15 #WhyIStayed tweets that'll give you goosebumps

    When security footage emerged that showed NFL star, Ray Rice, full-on punching out his then-fiancée, Janay Rice, it made many wonder...
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    Smoking pot saved my marriage

    A new study from the University of Buffalo found that couples who smoke pot together are less likely to engage in domestic violence.
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    Is Ray Rice's wife to blame for the attack? The Ravens seem to think so

    It was a bad day for Ray Rice, but his punishment is long past due. The NFL star was accused months ago of beating his fiancée...
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    How to be a feminist and a football fan and not hate yourself

    Wow, it is not fun to be a female football fan right now.
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    ESPN analyst says what we're all thinking about the Ray Rice tape (VIDEO)

    By now you've probably seen the Ray Rice video released by TMZ that shows the altercation between the Baltimore Ravens player and...
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    Acid attack victims show off their true beauty in gorgeous new photo shoot (VIDEO)

    Rupa was just 15 when her stepmother threw acid in her face after an argument about money.
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    NBC's Tamron Hall talks losing her sister to domestic abuse

    NBC News correspondent Tamron Hall has opened up about the death of her sister and why her fight against domestic abuse is personal,...
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    ESPN host suspended for just one week for domestic violence comment, but is it enough?

    After the controversy surrounding the short suspension of a pro football player for alleged domestic violence on his then-fiancée...
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    A year of domestic violence, up close and personal

    The video you are about to see is hard to watch, but the message is even harder to ignore.
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    A new study says women are more likely to be violent than men

    Have you ever hit a man? Made him feel worthless? Isolated him from friends and family? Stalked him at work? It feels weird being...
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    Could Adrian Peterson's son have been saved?

    Adrian Peterson's 2-year-old son died Friday from traumatic child abuse. The violent past of his alleged killer, Joseph Patterson,...
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    Terrence Howard accused of abuse again

    Terrence Howard again faces allegations of abuse from his ex-wife Michelle Ghent.
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    VIDEO: Volatile love? Emma Roberts' domestic violence arrest

    Emma Roberts was arrested for allegedly punching boyfriend Evan Parker in the nose. So why does the media continue to glamorize...