1. Dogs

    Ask Victoria Wells: Why is my dog doing that?

    Dog behavior can be a little strange at times. From excessive digging to eating grass, some behaviors don’t seem to make sense. We...
  2. Dogs

    What happens to retired police dogs?

    As dogs go, those in the K-9 service are considered the bravest of the brave. But what happens to these four-legged heroes when it's...
  3. Dogs

    17 Pugs you'll want to pin

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    We love taking pictures of our cute pets and, every once in a while, they will pose for us. Pinterest is the ultimate dog showcase...
  4. Pets & Animals

    Will your pet enjoy the trip?

    The summer months are filled with camping trips, lake trips and family vacations. Many families may opt to include their pet in...
  5. Dogs

    Beyond the walk: 5 new ways to exercise your pet

    Everyone benefits from a little bit of variety in their exercise routine. If your pooch can't get rid of his paunch--or if he's...
  6. Pets & Animals

    Float away this summer with this pet-friendly cruise line

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    In today’s world, pets aren’t just balls of fur who spend their time in our backyards watching the birds. Pets are...
  7. Dogs

    Road trip jitters: 8 ways to keep your pet calm on the road

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    If your dog isn't a cool cat during road trips, consider following these tips to alleviate his travel stress.
  8. Dogs

    Unspoken Dog Park Rules

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    Owners should know these unspoken dog park rules, but a quick trip to the local park provides plenty of evidence that dog owners are...
  9. Pets & Animals

    Great alternatives to kenneling your pet

    Summer is almost here which means it's time to plan your family vacation! After you determine when and where, if you have a furry...
  10. Dogs

    10 Ways to keep your dog safe while camping

    Some of summer’s best made memories happen during family camping trips. No television, no distractions — just the great...
  11. Dogs

    The world's cutest Welsh corgis on the web

    It's no secret that a love for Welsh corgis is sweeping the nation through social media sites like Instagram and Tumblr. We are...
  12. Dogs

    10 Healthy tricks for your dog's body and mind

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    Mind-body workouts are all the rage for us two-legged creatures, and they should be a priority for your pawed-pal, too. To keep your...
  13. Dogs

    12 puppy eyes to swoon over

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    There isn't anything better than coming home after a long day of work to a pair of puppy eyes gazing up at you. Puppies are always...
  14. Dogs

    Couch potato blues: 6 Ways to get your dog moving

    Is Fido sporting a canine spare tire? Does Fluffy get out of breath simply walking up the stairs? Sad but true, pet obesity is the...
  15. Dogs

    25 puppies to make your heart melt

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    There's no doubt that puppies always find a way to cheer us up when we're sad, make us smile when we feel like there's nothing to...
  16. Pets & Animals

    Pet products with pizzazz

    Some people just can’t seem to help splurging on their pet. They want their furry friend to have it all: a luxury bed, stylish...
  17. Pets & Animals

    Pet family photobombs

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    We love our pets because somehow they always find a way to become the center of attention. Even as we smile to capture those special...
  18. Pets & Animals

    20 Most memorable pet videos of all time

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    Pet lovers around the world can all agree that our animals are not just pets but rather members of our families. These videos...
  19. Dogs

    Leading the way for animal rehabilitation with Training Cesar’s Way

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    I hear a lot of dog lovers ask whether they need professional help with their dog behavior problems. The answer to that is, “It...
  20. Dogs

    Dog training tips every dog owner needs to know

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    Every dog owner dreams of having that perfectly behaved dog — the one who is calm, knows his commands and doesn’t have...