1. Dogs

    English Bulldog frantically chomps at the sprinkler (VIDEO)

    When you were a kid, you probably loved running through the sprinklers on hot days. Unfortunately, adulthood struck, and it was no...
  2. Dogs

    13 Dogs that really hate cleaning

    Our dogs were designed to protect us from all things scary and dangerous. So, if our keen canines consistently attack the vacuum,...
  3. Dogs

    See why GoPro for dogs is the best thing ever (VIDEO)

    GoPro is taking the nation by storm with its innovative ways to capture images. Now it's taking it to the next level with Fetch, a...
  4. Dogs

    Dog freaking loves being pampered in soapy bath (VIDEO)

    This dog relaxing in his tub while his owner scrubs him = the cutest thing I've seen all day... and I own a very cute kitten.
  5. Dogs

    World's tallest dog, Zeus, has passed away at the age of 5

    It's a sad, sad day in the world of dogs. The Guinness World Records "world's tallest dog," Zeus the Great Dane, has died due to...
  6. Dogs

    How long can humans withstand puppy licking? (VIDEO)

    When it comes to relationships, clearly Roxy has never heard about playing hard to get.
  7. Dogs

    Husky says no in hilarious doggy tantrum (VIDEO)

    This pup really doesn't want to go in his kennel. Seriously, just ask him.
  8. Dogs

    15 Pups that really hate sprinklers

    You wouldn't say that turning on the sprinkler to water the lawn ranks high as entertainment, but that quickly changes when your dog...
  9. Dogs

    Howling Husky doesn't want to leave dog park (VIDEO)

    Have you ever had a hard time convincing your dog that it's time to leave the veritable heaven of sniffs and smells that is the...
  10. Dogs

    13 Dogs team up for jump rope (VIDEO)

    Bubble gum, bubble gum, in a dish, how many pieces do you wish? We'll save you the suspense... it's 13. That's right — 13 dogs...
  11. Pets & Animals

    8 IKEA hacks for pet owners

    If you're a pet lover who loves all things DIY, these innovative pet hacks will inspire you to run to the nearest IKEA and start...
  12. Dogs

    Overjoyed Pug loves to play in the ball pit (VIDEO)

    I cannot stop watching this Pug!
  13. Dogs

    This dog can break dance better than you (VIDEO)

    Whatever you do, don't challenge Alex the dog to a dance-off unless you know how to break dance — 'cause he can, and it's his...
  14. Dogs

    Quiz: What kind of dog are you?

    Find out what kind of pooch you'd be had you been born with four legs and fur.
  15. Dogs

    15 Crazy-genius life hacks for dog owners

    Your pooch is a source of a lot of joy — and a lot of work. These creative dog-owner life hacks will make your life so much easier.
  16. Dogs

    These pups take dog-paddling to the extreme (VIDEO)

    There are a million ways to keep cool during these final summer months if you're a human. But if you're a dog, then your options are...
  17. Dogs

    Confused puppy gets his first chew toy (VIDEO)

    Dogs and bones go together as naturally as peanut butter and jelly — unless you are this adorable terrier puppy! Watch as he shifts...
  18. Pets & Animals

    7 Adorable rescue dogs that are loving life

    Ready to see some of the cutest rescue dogs ever? Soak up the puppy love, then head over to AvoDerm's "Glow and Tell" photo contest...
  19. Dogs

    Whoever owns these dogs must really hate playing fetch

    How often does your dog excitedly approach you with a slobber-laden ball and beg with whines and those soulful eyes to (please,...
  20. Dogs

    Selfish dog doesn't like to share ice cream (VIDEO)

    Nothing can be more exciting for two dogs than a trip to McDonald's to get an ice cream cone on a hot summer day. Daisy just...