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  1. Well-being

    5 Commonly misdiagnosed diseases and what they could actually be

    Unfortunately, being diagnosed with one disease when really it’s another is more common than you may think. A new study by BMJ...
  2. Women's Health

    Awkward questions you must ask your doctor

    So you’re on your way to the doctor in a cold sweat—not because it's one of your symptoms, but because you’re anxiously awaiting the...
  3. Women's Health

    The 4 most important vital signs and how to improve them

    Learn about the four most important vital signs and how you can improve them, and you’ll be ready to get a clean bill of health.
  4. Children's Health

    Understanding well-child checkups: The whens, whats and whys

    Well-child checkups are an important way to ensure the continued health of your growing children. But what should (and shouldn't)...
  5. Children's Health

    Smartphone apps to track your child's yearly checkups

    Keep track of your children's annual checkups, developmental milestones, vaccine schedules and much more with these helpful apps for...
  6. Children's Health

    Real moms share: How we beat the Dr. blues

    When it comes to visiting the pediatrician, some kids experience serious anxiety. After all, those shots can hurt! We asked...
  7. Tips & Advice

    Tricks for keeping your kids busy during a doctor's office wait

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    It's bad enough that you have a sick child, but having to wait 20 minutes in a small, overheated exam room or a busy, germ-filled...
  8. Women's Health

    Tips for opening up to your doctor

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    You should never come away from a doctor's appointment feeling disappointed in the care you received. Do your part -- before, during...