1. Living

    Everyday inspiration: Make something for yourself

    We asked three women to get their creative juices flowing and make something for themselves. You might be surprised with the results.
  2. Living

    Everyday inspiration: Do an easy DIY project

    In today's connected world, thousands of DIY projects are just a click away. Light your creative spark and make something today.
  3. Décor & Style

    Video: Visit the shop one blogger calls a "DIY" dream

    Lifestyle blogger Georgina takes a trip to Bead + Fiber, a one of a kind shop that offers all kinds of fabric, yarn, fibers, and...
  4. Crafts

    How to make your own scented candles

    Candles are a great way to add warmth and light to a room and make it feel truly special. They can keep your house smelling fresh...
  5. Organizing

    6 DIY shoe rack ideas to organize your closet

    Ah, the shoe storage conundrum. No matter how big your closet or how sparse your collection of heels, shoes tend to end up…...
  6. Crafts

    DIY painted leather keychain for Father's Day

    Sometimes crafting a gift Dad will like can be pretty difficult. Make something he will absolutely love and use every day with this...
  7. Outdoor Living

    How to turn store-bought kiwi into kiwi vines

    A kiwi vine will make a fruitful addition to your garden. Learn how to grow one with this video.
  8. Crafts

    10 Most-epic crafts of all time

    There's crafting, and then there's epic crafting. You have to see these 10 epic crafts. They'll blow your mind and inspire you to...
  9. Tips & Advice

    This successful mom turned a blog into a brand

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    DIY fans adore Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint. What they might not know is that this mom of two started her blog on a whim and never...
  10. Décor & Style

    Glitter frenzy: 33 Shocking things you can make sparkle

    There's no better way to glam up your home than with the use of glitter. Get your shine on with these fabulous DIY glitter designs...
  11. Décor & Style

    Trend crush: Flea market flips that will shock you

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    When you drive by junk on the side of the road, does it inspire you? If not, it should. Just check out what these top design...
  12. Valentine's Family Fun

    Valentine voodoo doll

    Looking for revenge this Valentine's Day? Make sure you get it with these DIY voodoo dolls.
  13. Valentine's Family Fun

    DIY lace votive candleholder

    Make these lace votive candleholders to spice up your home this Valentine's Day.
  14. Fashion & Style

    DIY sequin heart accessories

    Inspired by the popular pins, you can make one to pin on clothes, in hair or on shoes! Easy DIY accessories with a big impact.
  15. Valentine's Family Fun

    DIY Valentine's Day candy centerpiece

    Decorate your home with this cute candy centerpiece this Valentine's Day. But be warned, it's as delicious as it is cute, and it may...
  16. Valentine's Family Fun

    DIY celery-painted rose

    Use celery to paint roses on paper for a unique Valentine's Day card. These are sure to make everyone feel the love.
  17. Valentine's Family Fun

    DIY "love sucks" lollipop holder

    Are you bitter about Valentine's Day but still want to stay sweet? This lollipop holder allows you to be both!
  18. Valentine's Family Fun

    DIY Valentine's Day sun catcher

    Catching rays is easy with these sun catchers. Hang them around your house to decorate this Valentine's Day.
  19. Beauty

    DIY edible candy bra

    A Valentine's Day-themed candy bra is a sweet way to spice things up! Make this custom all-pink bra to help celebrate the day.
  20. Fashion & Style

    Sweater DIY: Embellished cut-outs

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    Sew a sparkly appliqué onto the sleeves of a plain cardigan and make some pretty cut-outs. For extra credit, add some fancy buttons...