diy crafts

  1. Holiday crafts

    Crochet some cute hats for your Easter eggs

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    This Easter, crochet some cute hats for your eggs. Check out these step-by-step instructions on how to make your own egg hats.
  2. Weddings

    Bridal hanger

    Make this cute bridal hanger for your wedding gown.
  3. Holiday crafts

    Crochet this lucky clover in a pot for St. Patrick's Day

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    Whip up an adorable and easy lucky clover for St. Patrick’s Day. Check out these step-by-step instructions on how to crochet your...
  4. Holiday crafts

    DIY burlap heart wreath

    Display this cute burlap heart wreath anywhere to add some Valentine's Day decor to your home.
  5. Valentine's Family Fun

    Valentine voodoo doll

    Looking for revenge this Valentine's Day? Make sure you get it with these DIY voodoo dolls.
  6. Valentine's Family Fun

    DIY lace votive candleholder

    Make these lace votive candleholders to spice up your home this Valentine's Day.
  7. Holiday crafts

    DIY heart-striped canvas

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    Show off some heart art on your walls this Valentine's Day. This easy DIY is sure to impress your guests.
  8. Valentine's Family Fun

    DIY Valentine's Day candy centerpiece

    Decorate your home with this cute candy centerpiece this Valentine's Day. But be warned, it's as delicious as it is cute, and it may...
  9. Valentine's Family Fun

    DIY celery-painted rose

    Use celery to paint roses on paper for a unique Valentine's Day card. These are sure to make everyone feel the love.
  10. Valentine's Family Fun

    DIY "love sucks" lollipop holder

    Are you bitter about Valentine's Day but still want to stay sweet? This lollipop holder allows you to be both!
  11. Valentine's Family Fun

    DIY Valentine's Day sun catcher

    Catching rays is easy with these sun catchers. Hang them around your house to decorate this Valentine's Day.
  12. School Tips for Moms

    "Chews me!" campaign board

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    The next time your child decides to throw their hat in the ring for student council elections, don't fret about making the dreaded...
  13. Food & Recipes

    DIY romantic edible arrangement

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    Forget flowers, a box of candy or a cheesy dinner reservation this Valentine's Day. Instead, stock up on your favorite fruits and...
  14. Crafts

    DIY heart-shaped necklaces for your Valentine

    Are you looking for a fun, trendy gift you can give your significant other, sister, best friend or cousin? Forget candies,...
  15. Crafts

    DIY etched Mason jars

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    With a Starbucks on every corner and coffee the go-to pick-me-up, what better way to celebrate the man in your life than by giving...
  16. Holiday crafts

    How to make a gingerbread man postcard

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    Deliver an extra-sweet holiday greeting by making and mailing a gingerbread man to someone special. It looks so realistic, your mail...
  17. Crafts

    How to make a picture frame jewelry organizer

    Rummaging through your jewelry box to find the perfect pair of earrings can now be a thing of this past with this do-it-yourself...
  18. Crafts

    These DIY jewelry makers want to inspire you

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    We spoke to some of the top DIY jewelry makers spotted on Craftgawker and got their tips for picking up a new hobby. Read on to get...
  19. Crafts

    How to make a magnetic makeup organizer for less than $20

    The amount of time that we spend digging through our makeup bags can easily make a difference in whether we arrive at work on time...
  20. Sewing and needlecrafts

    The best handmade pillow tutorials out there

    Have a knack for sewing and a desire to update your decor? These tutorials for making your own pillows will help you save money...