1. Movies

    Vampires propel record-breaking box office weekend

    Twilight, Bond and Lincoln made for a record-breaking weekend at the box office with an incredible $290 million during the...
  2. Movies

    A chat with the creators of Brave

    The movie Brave is a new kind of princess fairy tale. We were lucky enough to get an exclusive interview with the director,...
  3. Entertainment

    Alison Sweeney on Disney Junior's tea party telecast

    Alison Sweeney and her daughter, Megan, will be hosting a tea party telecast of Disney's latest princess movie this Thursday! Check...
  4. Movies

    Brave scores top DVD release

    Her name is Merida, and although she may have chosen her own path through Scotland, she managed to find her way into our number-one...
  5. Television

    Big Thunder Mountain ride to be a series? Really?

    Following successful adaptations of rides such as The Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean, the Disney roller coaster will...
  6. Movies

    Fresh Oz: The Great and Powerful pictures

    In anticipation of the new trailer release, we've tracked down four more sneak peeks of the upcoming film, Oz: The Great and...
  7. Movies

    Toy Story 3 writer Michael Arndt hired to write new Star Wars

    Michael Arndt has won one of the most sought-after jobs in Hollywood: writing the first new Star Wars film since 2005.
  8. Family Fun

    A magical family adventure on Disney Cruise Line

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    October was a big month in our household. We finalized our son's adoption (our fourth adoption from foster care) and the next day,...
  9. Television

    Boy meets World to return? It's possible!

    If your sick-day guilty pleasure is an all-day marathon of a certain TGIF show featuring Cory Matthews and Mr. Feeny, we've got news...
  10. Family Fun

    Secret of the Wings : A simple love

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    For those of you who love Tinker Bell and her fairy friends, you’re in for a treat. Disney's latest addition to the Tinker Bell...
  11. Movies

    Wreck-It Ralph movie review: Q-Bert’s back!

    Ever wondered what happens to those video game characters when the game is over? This gem from Disney explores the hidden realm of...
  12. Movies

    Mark Hamill on sale of Star Wars : 'OMG, what a shock'

    The actor who played Luke Skywalker in the original Star Wars films found out about the sale of Lucasfilm along with everyone else,...
  13. Movies

    New Oz The Great and Powerful witch art

    Ever wonder how the witch got so wicked or the wizard so wonderful? Disney is currently in the works with a Wizard of Oz prequel...
  14. Movies

    Exclusive Brave bonus content

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    Disney always packs its releases with full of amazing behind-the-scenes content, and this time we're getting a first look at some of...
  15. Movies

    Disney acquires Lucasfilm

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    The entertainment industry stood up and took notice today as Disney announced it is buying the legendary portfolio of filmmaker...
  16. Family Fun

    Making Disney memories: Cruising out of Galveston

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    Recently, Disney Cruise Line added Galveston, Texas as a port of departure — fabulous news for Texas moms like me. And soon, our...
  17. Movies

    New clips: Disney's Wreck-It Ralph

    With a Nov. 2 release date looming just around the corner, die-hard Disney fans will be happy to get another inside glimpse at...
  18. Tips & Advice

    Life with the real life Fairy Godmother

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    Who can forget the benevolent Fairy Godmother in Cinderella?
  19. Family Fun

    Weekend activity: See Finding Nemo 3D

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    Everyone's favorite clownfish and all of his friends are back in theaters on September 14. This time, Nemo's adventures are even...
  20. Tips & Advice

    Wise words from Cinderella's Fairy Godmother

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    I recently had the opportunity to meet JP O’Connor and hear her stories of her mother, Mary Alice O’Connor, the inspiration for...