dinner recipes

  1. Quick & Easy Recipes

    Tonight's Dinner: Horseradish crusted salmon

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    Salmon is one of those great fish that can be cooked half a dozen ways from seared, to grilled to smoked. But what if you cover it...
  2. Cooking & Entertaining

    Blueberry, balsamic and feta sirloins

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    Turn a typical dinner and movie night into a fun new experience by heading to your backyard. A great steak doesn't have to be...
  3. Cooking & Entertaining

    Tonight's Dinner: Five cheese penne

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    Cheese is always a necessary ingredient in pasta dishes. Add five different kinds and this pasta casserole becomes a deliciously...
  4. Cooking & Entertaining

    Tonight's Dinner: Mar-a-lago turkey burgers

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    I knew apples and turkey went well together, but I never considered combining them to make a slider that's both healthy and delicious.
  5. Cooking & Entertaining

    Tonight's Dinner: Fig and goat cheese stuffed chicken

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    Cheese, figs and prosciutto make delicious hors d'oeuvres, but stuff them inside a chicken breast and you can have a delectable...
  6. Cooking & Entertaining

    Tonight's Dinner: Grilled pork and peaches

    Labor Day is all about backyard barbecues and end-of-summer parties. So for your backyard get together, why not grill some fruit...
  7. Cooking & Entertaining

    Tonight's Dinner: Pasta with garlic cream sauce

    Garlic is frequently used as a base for pasta sauces, but if you love garlic as much as I do, try giving it a solo act for a change....
  8. Quick & Easy Recipes

    Tonight's Dinner: Stir-fried pork

    If you have some leftover pork and a vegetable or two, a wok can turn all these ingredients into a delicious dinner in no time.
  9. Quick & Easy Recipes

    Tonight's Dinner: Curry Chicken Salad

    Chicken salad is one of those great salads that can be served as a nice light dinner for the family, or could be a nice side for a...
  10. Cooking & Entertaining

    Tonight's Dinner: Italian Steak with Roasted Pepper Pesto

    Roasted red peppers are a wonderful way to spice up hummus or a nice light salad. But grind it up into a pesto and you've got a...
  11. Cooking & Entertaining

    Tonight's Dinner: Chicken Caprese Sandwich

    Mozzarella, heirloom tomatoes and fresh basil make a delicious summer salad. But add some chicken and some bread and you've got a...
  12. Cooking & Entertaining

    Tonight's Dinner: Fruit Quesadilla

    Fruit and cheese go great together. It doesn't matter if they're hot or cold.
  13. Quick & Easy Recipes

    Tonight's Dinner: Popcorn Chicken

    Chicken nuggets are always a big hit with kids and adults alike. But instead of grabbing that box out of the freezer, make your own.
  14. Cooking & Entertaining

    Tonight's Dinner: Strawberry Farfalle

    Strawberries are that wonderful, universal fruit that are good in muffins, salads, or jams. But pasta? Who knew a simple fruit could...
  15. Quick & Easy Recipes

    Tonight's Dinner: Chicken with Goat Cheese Vinaigrette

    You usually find goat cheese spread on top of bread or crackers. But add a little vinegar to this creamy cheese and you've got a...
  16. Quick & Easy Recipes

    Tonight's Dinner: Tortellini Casserole

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    Tortellini is a great pasta choice. But instead of throwing it in a bowl with the same old sauce, what if you baked it into a...
  17. Cooking & Entertaining

    Tonight's Dinner: Chicken with Bell Pepper Ragout

    Chicken doesn't have to be fried or grilled in order to make an interesting dinner. A simple ragout of broiled bell peppers and...
  18. Cooking & Entertaining

    Tonight's Dinner: Shrimp Risotto Stuffed Tomato

    Risotto is a great alternative to pasta. But instead of just spooning it onto a plate, stuff it inside a tomato and turn dinner into...
  19. Quick & Easy Recipes

    Paprika Steak and Tomato Gravy

    If you think steak takes too long to prepare, these thin skillet steaks will change your mind. Just a few minutes, and you can have...
  20. Cooking & Entertaining

    Tonight's Dinner: Chicken and Peach Kabobs

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    Since peaches and plums are at the height of their season right now, nothing says summer like skewers on the barbecue made with your...