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  1. Exercise & Fitness

    How yoga helps curb cravings

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    When the cold weather kicks in, so do those sugary cravings! Learn the correlation between the winter blues and body weight...
  2. Dieting & Nutrition

    5 Totally acceptable reasons to eat a chocolate cupcake

    Find out why you really should enjoy that sweet chocolate cupcake.
  3. Healthy Recipes & Nutrition

    5 Ways to make healthy food shopping easier

    We all have a million things on our proverbial plate these days. Unfortunately, being busy can have a negative impact on what we put...
  4. Healthy Recipes & Nutrition

    6 Reasons you should start reading food labels

    It's no secret that the American diet is problematic. Obesity and diabetes plague the youngest among us. It is vital for me as a mom...
  5. Health & Wellness

    10 Things to change about your family diet this year

    Many of us start off the year vowing to improve the quality of our family's diet by including more healthy foods and less junk....
  6. Dieting & Nutrition

    The ultimate guide to serving sizes

    If you have no idea what the difference is between a serving size and portion size… well, me neither. Then there’s this "portion...
  7. Dieting & Nutrition

    The 5 steps of sugar rehab

    Did you know the average American consumes up to 31 pounds of sugar a year? Ironically, I found this stat after eating 10 cupcakes....
  8. Dieting & Nutrition

    The health benefits of alkaline foods

    Celebrities like Victoria Beckham are fans of the alkaline diet, but how does it actually work and is it effective for weight loss?...
  9. Dieting & Nutrition

    Laila Ali shares her knockout body tips

    Muhammad Ali's youngest daughter is Activia's newest spokesperson. The busy mom of two sat down with SheKnows to share her favorite...
  10. Dieting & Nutrition

    Which top-rated diets are unhealthy?

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    A U.S. News and World Report listing of the best diets ranks them in several categories, but some of the most popular ones aren't...
  11. Losing Weight

    This food labeling trick might help you lose weight

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    A study showed that labeling foods as red, yellow and green helped people make healthier choices.
  12. Diet & Fitness

    9 Snacks that won't make you feel bad

    Snacking on the right foods fights hunger and keeps you from being moody during the day. Incorporate these healthy snacks into your...
  13. Diet & Fitness

    How to work off your Thanksgiving dinner

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    It's difficult not to indulge a little (or a lot) when it comes to Thanksgiving dinner. Find out how you can work off those...
  14. Dieting & Nutrition

    How much does happy hour weigh?

    If alcoholic drinks are empty calories with no nutritional value whatsoever, how is it your best friend drinks the way she does...
  15. Dieting & Nutrition

    The no-diet holiday diet

    Dieting around the holidays is no fun. In fact, it can seem like a cruel joke — so don't do it. You don't have to diet with our...
  16. Dieting & Nutrition

    Healthy Thanksgiving dinner swaps

    Our modern Thanksgiving is a day when gluttony and overindulgence are expected — and encouraged. Here we're looking at healthy...
  17. Losing Weight

    How cheating on your diet can help weight loss

    When you're tempted to swap your carrots and dip for a beautiful, gooey, chocolate chip cookie, do you worry one cookie will turn...
  18. Dieting & Nutrition

    Whole foods that will help you lose weight

    Regularly eating processed foods, even if it just seems like you do it in a pinch, will make you gain weight and keep it on....
  19. Diagnosis & Treatment

    How to eat healthy during breast cancer treatment

    There are certain cancers that are equated with an unhealthy lifestyle; however, breast cancer is not one of them.
  20. Dieting & Nutrition

    When fixating on healthy eating becomes an eating disorder

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    It’s never good to take anything to the extreme — healthy eating included. Here, we’re looking at healthy eating gone bad and ways...