1. Diet

    Are fewer veggies and short jogs all you need to live longer?

    Running and eating well seem to go hand in hand when it comes to living longer — recent studies shed more light on healthy living.
  2. Diet

    The not-so-new diet that can cure pooping problems

    I've joked about how models take laxatives to go to the bathroom the way I do each day.
  3. Health & Wellness

    Woman eats dog food for a month to teach people proper nutrition

    Eating pet food for a month sounds like the kind of thing someone would do only if they were starving or as a publicity stunt. Yet...
  4. Diet

    How to fuel your strength training routine

    We caught up with Jenn McAmis , an AFAA certified group fitness instructor, ACSM certified personal trainer and self-described...
  5. Women's Health

    Women living longer when having kids later in life — the full picture

    Women who can have children naturally after the age of 33 are more likely to live longer than those who had their last child before...
  6. Baby

    Is vegan parenting child abuse?

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    Veganism is commonly associated with rigorous health or personal beliefs. It's a strict regime — but is it child abuse?
  7. Skin Care

    Bloggers make the Pledge to Switch

    What can you do for a better you?
  8. Organic and Natural

    Intuitive eating as a naturally healthy lifestyle

    When it comes to getting healthy, a lot of us turn toward the latest diet craze but often revert back to old habits. Teaching your...
  9. Diet

    WTF: The tapeworm diet

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    What is the most extreme thing you’ve done to lose weight?
  10. Healthy Recipes

    6 Reasons you should start reading food labels

    It's no secret that the American diet is problematic. Obesity and diabetes plague the youngest among us. It is vital for me as a mom...
  11. Healthy Recipes

    The worst processed foods for your body

    It's a lot of work to change your nutritional habits. Take one step at a time. Begin with this simple list of the worst processed...
  12. Diet

    New look for food labels

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    The FDA is proposing a new look — and improved content — to make nutrition labels clear and applicable to Americans.
  13. Diet

    Do you have the belly fat gene?

    Researchers have found five more genes that are specifically linked to having a higher waist-to-hip ratio.
  14. Diet

    One more health reason to love avocados

    A new study finds that eating avocados could be the key to feeling full.
  15. Diet

    This food labeling trick might help you lose weight

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    A study showed that labeling foods as red, yellow and green helped people make healthier choices.
  16. Healthy Recipes

    Healthy ingredient substitutions for family meals

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    Healthy cooking doesn't mean forsaking flavor or saying goodbye to satisfying meals. Sensible substitutions for high-calorie...
  17. Healthy Recipes

    10 Strategies for healthy family meals

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    Feeding your family healthy meals doesn't mean you have to jam-pack your already busy schedule with extra shopping and hours of food...
  18. Diet

    How to help your dietary tract

    Your diet directly affects your digestive tract, and experts say what you eat and how and when you eat it can affect the digestive...
  19. Organic and Natural

    Easy diet changes for a healthier lifestyle

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    A hundred calories here and 100 calories there can quickly add up. Before you know it, your pants will feel a little tighter and...
  20. Health & Wellness

    Face mapping and your health: Fact or fiction?

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    Face mapping is rapidly taking center stage at spas and clinics, and combines ancient Chinese medicine and clinical dermatological...