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    A $25 million weekend to Die Hard

    Bruce Willis takes his Die Hard franchise to success for the fifth time, proving he’s still one of America’s favorite action...
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    A Good Day to Die Hard movie review: Cheers from Chernobyl

    Bruce Willis and Jai Courtney are together for some unusual father and son bonding. But what American family doesn’t enjoy blasting...
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    Bruce Willis is a legend in his own time

    The actor is now one of the legends of Hollywood, and he imparts some of the wisdom he's gained in the new issue of GQ .
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    Bruce Willis celebrates 25 years of Die Hard

    Can you believe it's been 25 years since the first Die Hard hit theaters? The film that made Bruce Willis a star is getting the...
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    New year, new movies: Most anticipated flicks of 2013

    Superheroes make for a super year ahead in the world of movies. Here we give you a first look at the most highly anticipated...
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    Trailer: A Good Day to Die Hard is a family affair

    Valentine's Day will be A Good Day to Die Hard . Or at least that's what Hollywood thinks. A new trailer featuring Bruce Willis as...
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    Die Hard 5 : Bruce Willis finally finds his son

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    It's a good day to be a McClane. Twentieth Century Fox has announced the latest addition to the Die Hard family. After months of...
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    5 foul-mouthed holiday movies for grownups

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    Whether Christmas has you in a bah-humbug kind of mood, or you're just looking to up your holiday game, here's a look at five...
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    Die Hard 5 gets a release date: How romantic!

    John McClane is back for another round of Die Hard action. Bruce Willis will reprise his role as the famous cop for the fifth...