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  1. Food & Recipes

    DIY romantic edible arrangement

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    Forget flowers, a box of candy or a cheesy dinner reservation this Valentine's Day. Instead, stock up on your favorite fruits and...
  2. Food & Recipes

    Fun Valentine's Day food crafts

    If you're short on money this year and want to surprise the person you love with a gift they'll love, make one of these amazing...
  3. Dessert Recipes

    Who put tomato soup in my chocolate cake?

    I can feel your crazy stares through the computer screen, and, I'll admit, they are totally warranted. Tomato soup? In a cake? And,...
  4. Dessert Recipes

    Milk and cookies unite in one amazing cupcake

    There are few things that make me smile more than a big glass of milk and homemade chocolate chip cookies. My mom makes the world's...
  5. Dessert Recipes

    Gasp! Ooey gooey caramel-stuffed double fudge brownies

    Gooey caramel-stuffed brownies, I mean, do you really need any other adjectives to entice you to make these?
  6. Cooking & Entertaining

    How to make an apple pie blush

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    There’s something comforting about a homemade pie. No matter what the season, you’ll find a delightful treat to make from the pages...
  7. Dessert Recipes

    Apple and pine nut cake

    Apple cakes come in many versions and are always a favorite dessert. We all have our own recipes to make these delicious cakes. Here...
  8. Cooking & Entertaining

    Cookbook review: Sweet Cravings: 50 Seductive Desserts for a Gluten-Free Lifestyle

    Do you long to bake (and enjoy) delicious gluten-free treats? Sweet Cravings, by Kyra Bussanich, is what you need to guide you...
  9. Dessert Recipes

    Copycat Starbucks marshmallow dream bars

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    It's hard not to love a dessert that's literally called a "dream bar," wouldn't you say? And if you've ever had a Starbucks dream...
  10. Cooking & Entertaining

    Super Bowl stadium ice cream sundaes

    Even if you're not a giant fan of football, it's hard not to get excited about the Super Bowl. Every year, I make giant appetizer...
  11. Healthy Recipes

    Gluten-free Goodie of the Week: Peppermint meringues with chocolate drizzle

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    Peppermint is a traditional winter flavoring for many different goodies. Add a little chocolate, and you have a real treat to...
  12. Healthy Recipes

    Nadia G's Sick Kitchens series and a vegan pie

    You can't deny that Nadia G. gets creative in the kitchen with food. Follow her new series, Sick Kitchens , as she brings her...
  13. Family Fun

    The Nut Job -themed dinner menu

    The animated film The Nut Job stars Surly (Will Arnett), a squirrel on a mission to break into Maury's Nut Store to save his life...
  14. Drink Recipes

    Champagne jello shots

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    It's time to get a little jiggly with our Champagne. These fancy jello shots are perfect for New Year's Eve and add just a touch of...
  15. Dessert Recipes

    Champagne lemon mini Bundt cake

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    Champagne isn't just for drinking. This bubbly treat has been mixed with a light lemon cake and baked up for a delicious sweet treat.
  16. Cooking & Entertaining

    Edible party horns for New Year's Eve

    These fun noisemakers are beautiful, fun to make and will keep the little ones entertained well into midnight. Plus, they're edible!
  17. Dessert Recipes

    Cranberry turtle bars

    Turtle bars are delicious but we took them over the top by adding in Christmas-inspired cranberry. It adds a level of sweet-tart...
  18. Healthy Recipes

    Gluten-free Goodie of the Week: Frosted banana, hazelnut and cocoa squares

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    When you want just the right combo of flavors in one treat, you can't go wrong with banana, cocoa and nuts. Dive in to these...
  19. Dessert Recipes

    Banana bread in a jar

    Need a snack on the run? These simple banana breads are baked in a jar and are perfect for giving away as gifts or eating on the run.
  20. Cooking & Entertaining

    Fabulous fruitcake muffins

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    Those dark and mysterious fruitcakes you remember from childhood seemed to sit on a shelf all season without anyone touching them....