dessert recipes

  1. Cooking & Entertaining

    Easy Christmas tree brownies

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    Brownies are cut into cute little Christmas tree shapes and decorated for the holidays. A simple and festive holiday dessert kids...
  2. Cooking & Entertaining

    Peppermint candy mini whoopie pies filled with cream cheese frosting

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    These colorful holiday whoopie pies look like edible Christmas ornaments. And they taste as delicious as they are pretty.
  3. Dessert Recipes

    Chocolate espresso snaps

    Lots of chocolate and just hint of espresso are combined to create a perfect sugar rolled cookie. Just wait till you try these...
  4. Dessert Recipes

    Candied bacon chocolate chip cookies

    Chocolate chip cookies are delicious, but they are even more so when crispy bacon is thrown into the mix. These cookies are over the...
  5. Healthy Recipes

    Delicious gingered pear frost dessert

    This frozen gingered pear frost is a healthy dessert alternative. Keep a can of pears in your freezer to make this delicious treat!
  6. Cooking & Entertaining

    Santa's new thing: The cookie plate cake

    Growing up, one of our favorite holiday traditions was leaving cookies for Santa on a brightly colored plate on Christmas Eve. To...
  7. Cooking & Entertaining

    Double chocolate mocha cupcakes with peppermint buttercream

    If you can’t wait to order your first peppermint mocha of the season, you'll love these cupcakes inspired by your favorite coffee...
  8. Christmas Recipes

    6 Holiday menu options made simple

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    The holidays are a wonderful time of year, with spending time with loved ones and what seems like never-ending shopping. But the...
  9. Dessert Recipes

    Apple pie in a jar

    Apple pie filling and a cute little pie crust topping. It's the perfect single-serving pie.
  10. Dessert Recipes

    Vanilla panna cotta with cherry and brandy sauce

    Panna cotta, a classic Italian dessert that is very easy to prepare, comes in a truly irresistible flavor of vanilla combined with...
  11. Healthy Recipes

    Gluten-free Goodie of the Week: Individual pumpkin-chocolate chip bread pudding

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    When the holidays roll around, it's always nice to have an easy-to-make, yet scrumptious dessert on hand. Save time by serving this...
  12. Dessert Recipes

    Tapioca pudding with coconut & raw cane sugar syrup

    A dessert with all the markings of Asia in it. Raw cane sugar, coconut and tapioca cooked together into dessert perfection!
  13. Dessert Recipes

    Cranberry cream cheese ice cream

    Enjoy sweet cream, tangy cranberries and rich cream cheese, all swirled together into an amazing ice cream recipe. A perfect dessert...
  14. Dessert Recipes

    3 Unique red wine desserts

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    Red wine isn't just for drinking, friends. In fact, you can enjoy your favorite pinots and cabernets in dessert form, too, with...
  15. Dessert Recipes

    Caramel apple pie-filled pecan cupcakes

    Craving both pecan and apple pie? Forget eating a slice of each and grab one of these super-decadent, fluffy and sweet cupcakes...
  16. Dessert Recipes

    Copycat Cheesecake Factory carrot cake cheesecake

    Close your eyes and imagine the world's most perfect dessert. For us, it looks a lot like this copycat Cheesecake Factory carrot...
  17. Cooking & Entertaining

    Olaf the Snowman snacks

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    Take a bite out of Olaf the Snowman for a sweet wintery treat.
  18. Dessert Recipes

    Marshmallow-filled sweet potato cupcakes

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    Is sweet potato casserole your favorite Thanksgiving side dish? Enjoy it for dessert too by making these soft, fluffy and decadent...
  19. Cooking & Entertaining

    Snowy mountain cookies

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    Rather than hitting the slopes, eat them! These chocolate, no-bake snowy mountain cookies are as easy to attempt as the bunny hill.
  20. Dessert Recipes

    Cherry cheese pie in a glass

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    A unique and colorful way to serve cherry cheese pie.