dessert drink recipes

  1. Dessert Recipes

    Shirley Temple cupcakes with a cherry on top

    Go back to your childhood with these Shirley Temple cupcakes. Each one is loaded with cherry and ginger ale flavors.
  2. Drink Recipes

    Inaugural boozy milkshake

    Whether you're a Republication or a Democrat (or somewhere in between) Inauguration Day is a big deal. You can't help but feel a...
  3. Cooking & Entertaining

    3 Festive milkshakes for the fall season

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    This is the time of year when a lot of us get excited about our favorite fall treats. You'll want to add these festive milkshakes to...
  4. Cooking & Entertaining

    Best chocolates to use for after-dinner drinks

    After-dinner drinks are usually rich, sweet and creamy cocktails. Many recipes include melted chocolate or cocoa powder for...
  5. Drink Recipes

    Coffee liqueur sundae

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    Gone are the days when the only rule for making an ice cream sundae was the more toppings the better. Swap out the concoction of...