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    Tori Spelling ominously drops Dean from her Twitter handle

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    Tori Spelling has broken up with husband, Dean McDermott, on social media. Although the changing of her Twitter handle could be...
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    Tori Spelling reportedly consulting divorce attorneys

    Is it the end of the road for this Hollywood couple? Reports are coming in that Tori Spelling is consulting divorce attorneys around...
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    Tori Spelling: Putting her troubled marriage before her health

    Hasn't she gone through enough lately? Tori Spelling's health crisis is just another thing she needs to deal with right now.
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    Poor Tori Spelling! Marriage woes & now hospitalization

    Tori Spelling has had a difficult few months because of her failing marriage and the betrayal of her husband. Her troubles appear to...
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    Celebrity sex tapes: A complete list

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    The cautionary tales of celebs caught in sex tape scandals aren't deterring Hollywood's fetish for amateur boudoir videography,...
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    Tori Spelling on cheating husband: He broke my heart

    Tori Spelling opened up about her troubled marriage and how husband Dean McDermott's cheating broke her heart.
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    Dean McDermott out of rehab, he wants Tori to get help now

    It's been one long saga for Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott. The couple is trying their best to reunite their family.
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    Is Candy Spelling encouraging Tori & Dean to reconcile?

    Candy Spelling is offering her daughter some advice by telling Tori to give her marriage a second shot. Do you agree?
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    Tori Spelling can't afford a divorce

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    Tori Spelling wants to kick her cheating husband to the curb — but she just can't afford to.
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    Tori Spelling's husband in rehab: Sex addiction to blame?

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    Dean McDermott confirmed he has entered rehab after persistent rumors he has been cheating on wife Tori Spelling.
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    Once a cheater, always a cheater? Dean McDermott & more

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    Dean McDermott is in hot water this week amid rumors he stepped out on Tori Spelling while filming Chopped Canada in Toronto. But...
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    Did Dean McDermott cheat on Tori Spelling?

    An ugly rumor reared its ugly head over the Christmas holiday as stories surfaced that Dean McDermott cheated on his wife Tori...
  13. Entertainment

    EXCLUSIVE: How Tori Spelling deals with negative publicity & kids

    December Girl Crush Tori Spelling opens up about her new book, life in the headlines and her little family's big plans for the...
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    Get ready for Hollywood's latest sex tape: Tori Spelling

    Add Tori Spelling to the list of Hollywood celebrities who have a sex tape. When will stars learn to keep the cameras off in the...
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    Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott struggling to make ends meet

    Tori Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott are struggling financially. They are so short on cash they can't afford a vasectomy to...
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    Busted! Tori Spelling stages paparazzi photos

    Not all celebrities hate the paparazzi. Just ask Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott who were caught staging a paparazzi encounter...
  17. Family Fun

    See inside Tori Spelling’s Star Wars birthday party for Liam

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    The force was strong with Tori Spelling as she threw her son a Star Wars-themed birthday party for his 6th birthday. From the Darth...
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    Stranded! Tori Spelling roadside with 4 kids and pup

    Uh-oh! It looks like 90210's Tori Spelling recently ended up stranded and away from home. And with four kids in tow, too!
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    Tori Spelling dishes dramatic details of her fourth pregnancy

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    Tori Spelling may be a mom to four kids, but it wasn't easy giving birth to her latest addition, Finn.
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    Tori Spelling undergoes emergency surgery

    Spelling also had complications after her daughter's birth last October, but this time she needed surgery after complications from...