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  1. Television

    Kathy Griffin's not sorry for her NYE stunt

    Kathy Griffin says she's not sorry... and completely avoids David Letterman's point.
  2. Television

    David Letterman drops the F-bomb with guest Tom Cruise

    Talk-show host David Letterman spiced up the airwaves last night by dropping an F-bomb with guest Tom Cruise.
  3. Television

    David Letterman weighs in on school shooting

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    David Letterman revealed his thoughts on the Newtown, Connecticut tragedy on Monday night's edition of The Late Show .
  4. Television

    Kennedy Center Honors: A strange (but worthy) combination

    The Kennedy Center Honors gala welcomed a rather odd combination of celebrities over the weekend. From Dustin Hoffman to David...
  5. Celebrity Gossip

    Biden on Parks and Rec : The politico/celeb lovefest goes on

    The Hollywood connection to the White House is not new. Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger were actors before they held public...
  6. Television

    Jimmy Kimmel crosses one off the bucket list

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    Jimmy Kimmel finally made his childhood dream come true last night when David Letterman appeared on his ABC talk show.
  7. Television

    Letterman and Fallon tape shows with no audiences

    Hurricane Sandy shut down much of New York on Monday. But for some, the show must go on. Two late night shows opted to tape anyway,...
  8. Television

    Jimmy Kimmel to take on Letterman and Leno

    Does Jimmy Kimmel have enough comedy to take on David Letterman and Jay Leno? Well, we're about to find out.
  9. Television

    Jay Leno lays off employees, takes pay cut

    Leno reportedly took a "significant" pay cut in order to save some jobs on his show.
  10. Celebrity Gossip

    Is Justin Bieber headed for a Lohan-like meltdown?

    The squeaky clean tween sensation’s shiny image has taken a hit lately. Are his recent slip-ups gateway scandals to a Lohan-like rap...
  11. Television

    Keith Olbermann: Al Gore is a tightwad

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    Keith Olbermann is speaking out about his dismissal from Current TV -- but his backhanded apology succeeded only in painting Al Gore...
  12. Television

    Kathy Griffin caught going commando on Letterman

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    Kathy Griffin knows no bounds when it comes to pulling a stunt on television. The comic, who stripped on New Year's Eve while...
  13. Television

    David Letterman's blackmailer: On the Case with Paula Zahn

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    Remember the guy who tried to blackmail David Letterman, but ended up behind bars instead? He's back. Wonder what Letterman thinks...
  14. Television

    Scarlett Johansson won't stop talking about nude photos

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    Scarlett Johansson still has a good attitude about her leaked nude photos, but admits that the whole thing was really creepy.
  15. Celebrity Gossip

    Rosie O'Donnell rips Letterman's "throbbing heterosexuality"

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    Rosie O'Donnell has fired back at David Letterman for mocking her lightning-fast engagement to Michelle Rounds. See what she had to...
  16. Celebrity Gossip

    Justin Bieber smells "a weasel" in baby case

    Justin Bieber chatted with David Letterman about his maybe baby and the DNA test he just took -- and the kid says he's really not...
  17. Celebrity Gossip

    Noel Gallagher rips Katie Holmes over video snub

    Noel Gallagher is no fan of Katie Holmes -- and his most recent run-in with her did little to change that.
  18. Celebrity Gossip

    Paula Abdul gets testy with David Letterman

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    Paula Abdul defended The X-Factor to David Letterman last night.
  19. Television

    Craig Ferguson's white powder: Anthrax? Cocaine? Cornmeal?

    Just days after David Letterman's fatwa drama, Craig Ferguson received white powder in the mail. As Ferguson joked his way through...
  20. Television

    Bulletproof Kutcher: Two and a Half Men will 'go through the roof'

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    Ashton Kutcher got a laugh over his “anti-fatwa” gear on Late Night with David Letterman on Wednesday. The Kutch also talked up...