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    Van Halen cancels tour because of infection

    When the band announced a reunion, fans held their breath waiting for a fight. But this time a fight isn't what caused the canceled...
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    Daily celebrity buzz for February 20, 2012

    Check out today's top celebrity news from around the web including Lindsay Lohan, Betty White, David Lee Roth and much more!
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    Van Halen debuts new "Tattoo"

    For all you die-hard Van Halen fans, the wait is over. The band has finally debuted a single from their much-anticipated album, A...
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    Van Halen goes Gaga at New York club show

    Van Halen rocked the tiny Cafe Wha? on Thursday night. The band kicks off a North American tour Feb. 18 in Kentucky.
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    David Lee Roth leading new Van Halen tour

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    Rock fans, are you ready for pretty much the awesomest holiday gift ever? Brace yourselves, and try not to choke on your egg nog....