1. Dating

    The real problem with dating apps

    I deleted all of my online dating accounts yesterday. In a beautiful cleaning of digital house, I said goodbye to not one, not two,...
  2. Dating

    How women really feel about hooking up

    Back in the '80s, a casual sex study came out that revealed 70 percent of men would agree to have sex with a stranger when...
  3. Dating

    How to hit on a guy with kids

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    Is it just us, or is there a sudden surplus of hot single dads walking around? Salt-and-pepper hair, maybe a Smiths T-shirt or a...
  4. Dating

    Dating: It's friggin expensive

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    According to's fourth annual study on singles, $82 billion is spent annually on dating-related activities.
  5. Dating

    Things we (kinda) wish were real: Tinder! The Musical

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    Now every (true) cliche about Tinder is in one place: The new Tinder! The Musical . Seriously, you have to check this out.
  6. Dating

    Think he's The One? Check his spit first

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    Instant Chemistry, the company behind the new Chemistry Check for Couples Kit, wants you to use science to find your soul mate.
  7. Books

    The truth about dating: 6 Books from a man's perspective

    There aren't a lot of popular books about dating written from the man's perspective. Do you ever wonder why?
  8. Dating

    15 Reasons why interracial dating is the best

    Come on, ladies, it's 2014. If you haven't dated outside your cultural or ethnic background, you're potentially missing out on some...
  9. Relationships

    8 Relationship challenges only Type A personalities understand

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    There's nothing better than meeting that special someone who completes you. Even though you're past the stage where you think...
  10. Dating

    Why, 10 years later, I'd still date Ross Geller

    He loved dinosaurs, had a pet monkey and spent the first few seasons extremely whiny, but if you ask me, Ross Geller is the most...
  11. Dating

    12 Thoughts every woman has while Tindering

    Whether you've dabbled on Tinder or lied about dabbling on Tinder (the only two real options, really,) chances are you've had one or...
  12. Love

    What he wants most on the first date (it's not sex)

    Are you open to having sex on the first date? Since this question is on the mind of most men as their date winds down, we set out to...
  13. Dating

    Professional photographer wants to make over your dating profile

    Online dating is a world where snap judgments can lead to a life full of bliss or instant rejection. Enter photographer John Ha....
  14. Dating

    Geek appeal is the new sexy

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    Guys looking to score a hot chick might be wise to put down the weights and pick up some coding skills. A new survey by Harris...
  15. Dating

    When sex starts to feel like another item on our to-do list

    Recently a friend was venting to me about her husband's nonstop, daily hints about sex. She works, she's a college student and she...
  16. Dating

    An evening with sex toys

    When a friend invited me to a sex toy party, I thought, "Well, sex toys aren't really my thing, but free wine, tasty food and cheap...
  17. Travel

    Earth Day dates for the environmentalist couple

    Earth Day is big deal if you're an environmentally conscious person — and if you're in a relationship with someone who feels the...
  18. Dating

    Is there anything more awkward than the time and place of a first kiss?

    First dates are a mess — a big, huge, filthy, uncomfortable mess. Just give me a set of stirrups, a small, cold room and a...
  19. Dating

    What guys really think about your hair

    If you have a big date this weekend and you're obsessing if you should wear your hair long, short, curly, straight, up or down, read...
  20. Tips & Advice

    5 Reasons not to introduce your kids to your boyfriend

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    More and more, moms are faced with the conundrum of when to introduce their kids to their boyfriend. Here is a family therapist's...