1. Dating

    An evening with sex toys

    When a friend invited me to a sex toy party, I thought, "Well, sex toys aren't really my thing, but free wine, tasty food and cheap...
  2. Travel

    Earth Day dates for the environmentalist couple

    Earth Day is big deal if you're an environmentally conscious person — and if you're in a relationship with someone who feels the...
  3. Dating

    Is there anything more awkward than the time and place of a first kiss?

    First dates are a mess — a big, huge, filthy, uncomfortable mess. Just give me a set of stirrups, a small, cold room and a...
  4. Dating

    What guys really think about your hair

    If you have a big date this weekend and you're obsessing if you should wear your hair long, short, curly, straight, up or down, read...
  5. Tips & Advice

    5 Reasons not to introduce your kids to your boyfriend

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    More and more, moms are faced with the conundrum of when to introduce their kids to their boyfriend. Here is a family therapist's...
  6. Dating

    This dating app lets men bribe you for a date

    Internet and online dating have taken the whole, "There's an app for that" saying a little too far. There's an online dating site...
  7. Dating

    When your fear of losing him outweighs respect for yourself

    When your boyfriend does something douchey, what do you do? Do you a) rip him a new one and demand respect in an "or else" kind of...
  8. Television

    Is Chloe still in the picture? Online Dating Rituals of the American Male 's Marcus Pierce reveals!

    Poor Marcus! As the guy who famously asked, "Did love forget about me?" the 37-year-old has had a rough go at finding his true love....
  9. Dating

    6 Steps to prevent sexual assault

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    Although a sexual assault is never the fault of the victim, there are some steps you can take to safeguard yourself from an attack.
  10. Sex

    21 Things your vajay-jay would say if it could talk

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    What if your vajay-jay could talk? Would it threaten to call vag protective services on you? Would it make you feel guilty for...
  11. Dating

    How to get out of the friend zone

    Get him to see you as more than a friend by making these super-easy behavioral changes. He'll be calling you his boo in no time.
  12. Dating

    4 Reasons not to dump your slacker boyfriend

    Is your guy just not getting it together? Before sitting him down for the breakup talk, you might want to consider sticking around....
  13. Relationships

    High-tech underwear for him this Valentine's Day

    OK, so guys can't have as much fun with their skivvies as we can (you know, without looking too male prostitute-y), but the men's...
  14. Dating

    5 Things 20-somethings think they know about love

    Every decade learns something about love. Love is a complicated topic and one that we all make assumptions about — some...
  15. Dating

    I think my crush might be gay

    I used to brag about how awesome my "gaydar" was — my ability to figure out if someone was gay or not. I don't do that anymore. I...
  16. How-Tos

    How to... read his signs and make the first move

    The dating scene is changing. More and more women are slapping down that credit card after meals, and nowadays ladies are asking the...
  17. Sex

    Weird things people do after an orgasm

    We all have quirky habits, but none quirkier than our post-sex reactions. From laughing to crying to everything in between, intimacy...
  18. Dating

    Study helps explain why you're socially awkward

    Being socially awkward is the worst: There's the stressful sweating, the avoidance of human contact and wanting to crawl into a...
  19. Dating

    My ex-husband’s mistress is a drunk: Why I still didn’t win

    When my ex told me after 20 years of marriage that there was someone else, all I heard about was how he wasn't happy and that his...
  20. Dating

    How people are using Twitter to flirt

    I don't know about you, but I barely have the rules of old-school flirting down (where, you know, you flirt in person), never mind...