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  1. Dating

    I hooked up with a guy on New Year's Eve: Will it last?

    So you ended the year with some serious sparks? It’s always fun to meet someone on New Year’s Eve and even more fun if you end up...
  2. Dating Tips

    How to take a productive break from dating this winter

    Whether you’re suddenly single, playing the field or on the lookout for Mr. Right, winter can be a great time to take a step back...
  3. Dating Tips

    Is "just friends" for real?

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    That age-old question of whether or not men and women can be “just friends” has never really been answered. Everyone has a different...
  4. Dating

    Holiday dating dilemma: Is it wrong to return his gift if I don't like it?

    So he got you the ugliest sweater you’ve ever seen for Christmas. Do you pretend to like it or return it for something you might...
  5. Dating

    Survey reveals people are looking for holiday love

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    How to do you feel about holiday romance? A recent survey revealed that the festive season is an ideal time to get a little flirty,...
  6. Single Girls' Guide

    Must-know dating signals: Is your date into your date?

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    Going on a date with someone new is pretty much like an actor going on their first Hollywood audition. The nerves, the butterflies,...
  7. Dating

    Appy in love: 5 Dating apps to try

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    Looking for love or at least a new way to meet people? There’s an app for that! Get out your smartphone and download some of these...
  8. Dating

    Holiday dating dilemma: How soon is too soon for gifts?

    One of the biggest dating dilemmas that pops up around the holidays for new couples is knowing whether it’s a good idea to exchange...
  9. Dating

    3 Gift buying don'ts for new couples

    Being part of a new couple is always exciting — add in the magic of the holiday season and it’s hard not to feel doubly smitten. But...
  10. Dating

    Swimming with sharks: Why it's smart to limit your dating pool

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    Are you single and ready to mingle? It’s tempting to leave your dating options wide open. After all, we all have that friend of a...
  11. Dating

    Guy signals decoded!

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    Men are strange and wonderful creatures, but sometimes trying to figure out their special language is slightly more challenging than...
  12. Marriage & Relationships

    Hey guys, we hate it when you...

    Does your guy have a bad habit you can’t stand? There are usually one or two things in every relationship that will drive a gal up...
  13. Dating

    4 Rules for a rocking first date

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    First dates can be nerve-wracking. Sure, you’re pumped to have a great time with someone you met and clicked with (online or off),...
  14. Dating Tips

    Shy girl's guide to asking someone out

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    It’s not always easy to ask someone out on a date. In fact, the process can seem downright daunting for some of us. Rather than hope...
  15. Dating Dos & Don'ts

    4 Bad dating habits to break now

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    Dating is about a lot more than asking someone out (or being asked out) and hoping you have enough chemistry to make a lasting...
  16. Dating

    Help! I hate my boyfriend's friends

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    Life would be so much easier if you hit it off with all of your boyfriend's friends, but there are usually one or two that you’d...
  17. Dating

    How to get him to fall in love with you

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    Dating is one thing, but sealing the deal with a guy you click with can be a lot tougher. But before you let fear of losing...
  18. Dating Tips

    Why the hell am I still single? Top 4 reasons

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    Still single even though you’ve got a great job, sweet apartment and sparkling personality? There are many reasons why you haven’t...
  19. Celebrity Relationships

    Reality TV and true love

    These days, meeting the love of your life has become more complex and complicated than ever, especially when it comes to reality TV....
  20. Dating

    Attracting a love that will last forever

    There are many singles that decide that traditional dating is not worth the time, hassle and effort it requires. One comment I hear...