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  1. Celebrity Gossip

    Jared Leto announces his Oscar date on Instagram

    Jared Leto took to Instagram today and announced his mother would be his date to the Oscars, as if you needed another reason to love...
  2. Movies

    Jared Leto slims down Matthew McConaughey-style

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    Jared Leto's weight loss extremes are making headlines, right alongside reports concerning co-star Matthew McConaughey's eerily-thin...
  3. Movies

    Deerhunter singer joins the cast of The Dallas Buyers Club

    The singer has never worked as an actor before. He joins the very diverse cast along with a few other recent additions.
  4. Movies

    Matthew McConaughey is scary skinny, still dieting

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    There's less of Matthew McConaughey to love these days, as the typically buff star is seriously slimming down for his next role....