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  1. Healthy Recipes

    Vegan shiitake bacon

    With its smoky flavor and chewy, crispy texture, this vegan shiitake mushroom bacon might just win over meat-eaters.
  2. Healthy Recipes

    Vegan farro 'crab' cakes

    Although there is no crab in these vegan farro "crab" cakes, they have all the flavor and texture of the real thing.
  3. Healthy Recipes

    Sriracha peanut butter tofu

    Pack your tofu full of bold flavors with a soy sauce marinade and a sweet, spicy Sriracha and peanut butter sauce.
  4. Healthy Recipes

    Vegan cauliflower jerky

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    Cauliflower jerky is chewy, smoky and has a hint of spice. It's the perfect snack option for vegans.
  5. Cooking & Entertaining

    Asian-style chicken nuggets with lemon glaze

    Craving nuggets? No need to hit up the drive-thru! One bite of these Asian-style chicken nuggets, and you’ll never go back to the...
  6. Quick & Easy Recipes

    Hawaiian barbecue chicken taquitos

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    Give your chicken taquitos a Hawaiian barbecue makeover with red onion, pineapple and cilantro.
  7. Quick & Easy Recipes

    Open-faced apple butter pastrami sandwiches

    Spicy Dijon and sweet apple butter is the perfect fall flavor combination for these warm open-faced pastrami sandwiches.
  8. Cooking & Entertaining

    BLTs with fried eggs and guacamole

    The BLT just got better! Guacamole, fried eggs and applewood smoked bacon put this sandwich over the top.
  9. Quick & Easy Recipes

    Pork and asparagus with hoisin sauce

    No need for take-out tonight with this easy meal. Pork and asparagus in hoisin sauce is packed full of flavor and quick enough for a...
  10. Quick & Easy Recipes

    Pancetta mac and cheese panini

    Four-cheese mac and cheese with pancetta makes this sandwich a real winner for lunch.
  11. Drink Recipes

    Strawberry horchata

    Infuse your horchata with strawberry puree for a sweet and fruity take on this classic rice-based beverage.
  12. Healthy Recipes

    Quinoa veggie 'fried rice'

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    Trade white rice for healthy quinoa in this take on Chinese fried rice.
  13. Quick & Easy Recipes

    Chipotle pesto pasta with avocado

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    Leave the jar of spaghetti sauce in the pantry... tonight’s meal is all about spice! This chipotle pesto pasta with avocado packs...
  14. Cooking & Entertaining

    Baked garlic truffle fries

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    Make your french fries a gourmet affair by adding garlic and truffle oil.
  15. Quick & Easy Recipes

    Tonkatsu (Japanese pork cutlet)

    Tonkatsu is a quick-and-easy Japanese-style dinner of pan-fried breaded pork. It's perfect for a busy weeknight meal.
  16. Quick & Easy Recipes

    Broccoli chicken macaroni and cheese

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    Make a one-dish mac 'n' cheese with chicken and veggies for an easy weeknight meal.
  17. Healthy Recipes

    Healthy green smoothie

    This healthy green smoothie with Greek yogurt is perfect for breakfast, after a workout or as a midday snack.
  18. Quick & Easy Recipes

    Hawaiian barbecue chicken flatbread pizza

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    Take a bite of island flavor with this Hawaiian barbecue chicken flatbread pizza. No marinara sauce here!
  19. Quick & Easy Recipes

    Kale salad with Meyer lemon vinaigrette

    Kale and quinoa combine in this superfood salad with a zesty Meyer lemon vinaigrette. Healthy eating never tasted so good!
  20. Dessert Recipes

    Brown butter Rolo chocolate chip cookies

    Jazz up those plain ol' chocolate chip cookies with brown butter, Rolo candies and toffee bits. You won't be able to eat just one!