daily flavor

  1. Dessert Recipes

    Biscoff and banana grilled cheese

    Max 5 stars
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    Biscoff spread makes everything better, even grilled cheese sandwiches. This dessert version, with caramelized bananas and cream...
  2. Meatless Recipes

    Black bean and quinoa stuffed bell peppers

    You won’t miss the meat in these quinoa stuffed bell peppers. This vegetarian dish will fill you up.
  3. Easy Global Recipes

    Thai chicken lettuce wraps with honey-peanut sauce

    Who doesn't love biting into a crisp lettuce wrap full of spicy Thai chicken? You don't have to go out to get this restaurant...
  4. Entertaining Menus & Recipes

    Cheesy ranch and red bell pepper dip

    This cheesy red bell pepper party dip comes together in minutes and is the perfect addition to a vegetable platter.
  5. Baking

    Salted turtle cookies

    One bite of these caramel-drizzled salted turtle cookies, and you'll be hooked!
  6. Easy Dinner Recipes

    Buffalo chicken soup with orzo

    Calling all spice lovers — this one’s for you! Buffalo chicken soup is a quick and easy weeknight meal that packs a huge flavor punch.
  7. Baking

    White chocolate confetti cookie pie

    Sprinkles make everything more fun, especially when it comes to dessert. This colorful confetti cookie pie is as much fun to make as...
  8. Entertaining Menus & Recipes

    Caramelized onion spinach dip

    Creamy dips can be full of indulgent ingredients, but this caramelized onion spinach dip reduces the guilt by using Greek yogurt.
  9. Quick Meal Ideas

    Smoky tomato, roasted red pepper and arugula pasta

    Max 5 stars
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    Amp up a quick pasta dish with smoky paprika, fresh herbs and two kinds of cheese.
  10. Simple Sandwiches Recipes

    Burnt ends grilled cheese sandwich

    A grilled cheese sandwich piled high with burnt ends brings Kansas City into your kitchen.
  11. Food & Recipes

    Pink berry smoothie

    Skip the sugary cereals and sip on this healthy pink berry smoothie instead.
  12. Easy Dinner Recipes

    Chicken tortilla soup

    A steaming hot bowl of this chicken tortilla soup full of veggies and Mexican flavors will warm you up in a hurry.
  13. Quick & Easy Recipes

    Black bean hummus

    This quick black bean hummus comes together in minutes but tastes like it took all day to make.
  14. Simple Sandwiches Recipes

    Avocado, white cheddar & tomato grilled cheese

    Max 5 stars
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    Grilled cheese sandwiches layered with white cheddar, avocado and tomatoes are a quick and easy lunchtime treat.
  15. Entertaining Menus & Recipes

    Buffalo chicken meatballs

    Max 5 stars
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    If you're hooked on Buffalo sauce, these chicken meatballs are for you!
  16. Breakfast & Brunch Recipes

    Artichoke quiche

    Max 5 stars
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    Do you have an overload of artichokes? Then this cheesy quiche recipe chock-full of artichokes is for you.
  17. Dessert Recipes

    Almond milk rice pudding with cranberries

    Max 5 stars
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    Try a twist on traditional rice pudding by using almond milk for a deliciously nutty and creamy treat.
  18. Family Recipes

    Baked pasta in eggplant crust

    Max 5 stars
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    This showstopping dish will wow your dinner guests when they cut into their own little packages of baked pasta encrusted in grilled...
  19. Family Recipes

    Pita bread salad sandwich with Bolognese sauce

    You'll want to eat these pita bread sandwiches stuffed with fresh produce and chunky Bolognese sauce for lunch every day of the week!
  20. Easy Dinner Recipes

    Thai chicken with fresh basil

    Fresh basil is the star of this Thai chicken dish that comes together in minutes.