daily delights

  1. Beauty

    7 Ways you should graduate your skin care routine out of high school

    These skin care habits would have horrified your teenage self, but now you need them more than ever.
  2. Living

    TED Talks that will make you optimistic about the world

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    When the evening news is all gloom and doom, it's difficult for us to be optimistic about the world. Fortunately, the world isn't...
  3. Food & Recipes

    10 Brunch recipes you can easily tackle this weekend

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    Is it breakfast? Is it lunch? We don't care, it's delicious either way. Better yet, these brunch recipes make it super-easy.
  4. Living

    Why careers rock in all of your life's stages

    Working isn't a rat race. All the energy you've put into building your professional skills and career can really pay off throughout...
  5. Health & Wellness

    Scientific reasons you should smile more

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    If you think your smile is just a way to look pretty, think again. The human smile communicates volumes, both to your physiology and...
  6. Living

    Fire up your style with these 18 red accessories

    It's a proven fact that men are more attracted to a woman in red. But did you know that wearing the fiery hue could help you climb...
  7. Living

    9 Videos that prove humanity can be awesome

    With so many negative headlines monopolizing the news, the beauty of the human spirit can be overshadowed. Need a reminder? We've...
  8. Entertainment

    Which powerful TV career woman are you?

    Love all those powerful fictional females on television, but feel like you relate to one in particular? Test that theory.
  9. Living

    12 Small but revolutionary daily delights

    These simple delights may not sound like a big deal, but for a woman in need of summer relaxation, they're absolutely revolutionary.
  10. Health & Wellness

    Soda, grinding and… brushing? The worst things you’re doing to your teeth

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    Your eyes aren't the window into your soul. Your smile is. That means you need to keep it in perfect running order. It's easier than...
  11. Living

    Feeling royal? 18 Purple accessories for when you feel fancy

    Wearing purple can majorly boost your confidence, not to mention have people mistaking you for Kate Middleton’s long lost sister on...
  12. Living

    Graduation speeches that even post-grads will be inspired by

    Learning is a lifelong process... it doesn't stop as soon as you doff your cap and gown. We've culled a few rousing commencement...
  13. Pets & Animals

    5 Adorable animal photos that are cuter than Grumpy Cat

    Cats and dogs think they have a lock on incredibly cute photos, but we have news for them: You have strong competition in the wild...
  14. Health & Wellness

    Friendly or fake? What you're telling people with your smile

    Your smile speaks volumes. Make sure that it's saying the right things about who you are and who you want to be.
  15. Living

    Get refreshed: 18 Green accents to inspire your style

    As if you needed another reason to go green, it turns out that surrounding yourself with the color can totally put your mind (and...
  16. Living

    Get happy by finding focus with these 10 simple tips

    Finding focus at work does more than boost productivity. The most focused workers also tend to be the happiest in their professional...
  17. Beauty

    3 Bold daytime makeup tutorials to rock your look

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    Say goodbye to the boring look and add some bold colors to your makeup bag with this makeup tutorial.
  18. Beauty

    Gorgeous lipsticks for everyday wear

    Find the right lipstick for your skin tone.
  19. Health & Wellness

    Say cheese! Your teeth are seriously important for your health

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    Keeping your teeth clean isn't just about presenting the world with a beautiful smile. The health of your mouth is actually a...
  20. Beauty

    Beauty essentials to freshen up your work bag

    Whether you're about to head to a meeting or to a date after work, keeping these beauty essentials at your desk at all times will...