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  1. Beauty & Style

    Stylish shorts that are work-appropriate

    While Daisy Dukes and cutoffs certainly aren’t a fit for the office, you can get away with sporting shorts at work as long as you’re...
  2. Food & Recipes

    3 Hot dog topping recipes

    Why just top your hot dog with the ordinary toppings when you can have something extraordinary in a matter of minutes? These three...
  3. Health & Wellness

    Doing these 8 things in the morning can transform your health

    Is your morning rushed and crazy? It's time to say enough is enough to unhealthy morning routines. Instead, transform your mornings...
  4. Pets & Animals

    9 Animals you didn't realize had miniature versions

    Who knew that some animals (which are already inordinately cute) had miniature counterparts?
  5. Food & Recipes

    Brie just got better

    An incredibly tasty and cheesy dessert using sugared biscuits, raspberry jam, brie cheese and a healthy dose of Nutella. These...
  6. Home

    Accessories for the bright modern bathroom

    Want to update your bathroom without spending thousands? Sometimes a few bathroom accessories are all it takes to get an entirely...
  7. Living

    Why I use flash mobs as a form of therapy

    Flash mobs are a refreshing glimpse of people doing what we so often forget to do: enjoying life.
  8. Living

    5 Videos that will put life into perspective for you

    Need a shot of inspiration in three minutes or less? These five videos will make you laugh, make you cry and above all, will put...
  9. Home

    20 Colorful office organizers under $20

    Whether you’re in a cubicle or the corner office, or you work from home, it can be hard to be stuck at a desk all day. Luckily,...
  10. Beauty & Style

    Out-glam everyone with these Casual Friday work outfits

    Take advantage of the one day a week you get to dress down without looking like a total slob in front of your boss. After all,...
  11. Living

    10 Ways to add some twinkle to your summer nights

    Add twinkle and ambiance to your summer nights with these fun and functional indoor and outdoor lighting options.
  12. Living

    Surprise! Money may buy happiness. Here's what's on our wish list.

    They say money can't buy happiness, but maybe "they" are wrong. Here are the reasons a few splurges might just bring you joy — and a...
  13. Living

    What your body language says in an interview

    So much of what you communicate has nothing to do with the words coming out of your mouth. We talked to a few experts to find out...
  14. Living

    5 Tips to perfect your selfie smile

    The selfie is so endemic to today's society it has joined the ranks of trends immortalized in song. Everyone's doing it, from pop...
  15. Living

    Gorgeous travel destinations that are cheaper than you think

    If the term "budget-friendly travel" makes you cringe with dread, think again. These gorgeous destinations are worthy of your bucket...
  16. Living

    Sunshiny reasons to be glad it's summer, according to science

    Subjective opinions are in, and it turns out that summer completely rocks. But why? Here are seven scientific reasons why summer is...
  17. Love & Sex

    10 Viral wedding dances that started the craze

    In fairy tales, happy couples ride off into the sunset on gallant steeds. Modern couples, though, dance into happily ever after......
  18. Shopping

    Accessories with awesome messages

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    Sometimes even the strongest chicks need a little inspiration. Instead of trying to come up with your own last-minute mantra, keep...
  19. Health & Wellness

    5 Features science says people are most attracted to

    While personality undoubtedly has great bearing on how much you are drawn to another person, there's much to be said for the instant...
  20. Beauty & Style

    Sleek outfits for cold offices

    What do you wear when it’s hotter than Hades out, but it feels more like the middle of winter inside your office? Ditch the wool...