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    INTERVIEW: Da Vinci's Demons ' EP talks bigger adventures, new faces in Season 2

    From emotions and geography to spectacular inventions, everything in Da Vinci's Demons is getting bigger for Season 2. We talked...
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    Da Vinci's Demons Season 2 spoilers: "No real love story for Leonardo"

    Da Vinci's Demons star Tom Riley told us love is taking a backseat for da Vinci in Season 2, but that doesn't mean there aren't a...
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    Tom Riley dishes on da Vinci and his inner demons

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    Tom Riley lets us in on why he'll never invent the helicopter and the artistic license that has allowed Da Vinci's Demons to...
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    Da Vinci's Demons recap: "The Lovers"

    Talk about a cliff-hanger, the season finale of Da Vinci's Demons left us with Lorenzo, Lucrezia and Da Vinci's lives in jeopardy....
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    Interview with Da Vinci's Demons ' Laura Haddock

    Laura Haddock talks Da Vinci's sexuality and the cast splitting up for Season 2.
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    Da Vinci's Demons recap: "The Hierophant"

    Lucrezia is exposed to Giuliano and Da Vinci as the traitor, leading to deadly consequences. Any and all pity for her is gone.
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    EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Sneak peek at Da Vinci's Demons

    As you may already know, we're pretty wrapped up in the new show Da Vinci's Demons on Starz. Check out this exclusive clip!
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    Da Vinci's Demons recap: "The Tower"

    After cleverly dispelling charges of sodomy, Da Vinci realizes his visions were more than just dreams and hallucinations brought on...
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    Da Vinci's Demons recap: "The Magician"

    Mother Nature's perfect design leads Da Vinci to the perfect weapon against Rome. Florence will survive to fight another day, but Da...