curry recipes

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    Indian-inspired coconut curry quinoa

    The quinoa for this dish is cooked in coconut milk, lending a sweet, rich flavor to the healthy grain. The quinoa and coconut milk...
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    3 Surprising ways to cook with watermelon rinds

    What happens after you've eaten a slice of your favorite, juicy watermelon? You smile and toss the rind into the trash, right? Well,...
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    Sunday dinner: Red Thai curry pulled pork tacos with slaw

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    These tacos rock a flavorful sauce and make the perfect meal for warm-weather gatherings. You'll want to break them out again for...
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    Gluten-free curried shrimp with cauliflower rice

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    This recipe takes little time to make but delivers big time in flavor and color. You'll love the addition of cauliflower for an...
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    Spicy chicken curry-stuffed pitas with creamy yogurt sauce

    No boring sandwiches on our plate. These super-spiced chicken tenders are paired with a fresh yogurt sauce and served in a warm...
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    Sunday dinner: Thai red curry shrimp with green beans

    Curry is a popular dish that has a lot to offer. This Sunday dinner recipe is rich and indulgent and loaded with color and flavor!
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    Spicy lentil and soybean curry

    Indian-inspired curried beans add welcoming flavors to your dinner table.
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    Turkey curry recipe

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    Leftover turkey gets spiced up with some Indian flair in this hot and creamy addicting turkey curry!
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    Squash curry with brown rice

    Brown rice and perfectly spiced squash curry come together to create a tasty meatless dish. You won't even miss the meat in this dish.
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    Green curry chicken and vegetables

    Summer's almost over but the heat doesn't have to end with this robust Indian dish.
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    Red lentil coconut curry soup

    Skip the take-out and make Indian food at home. Red lentil coconut curry soup is full of flavor and will satisfy all your curry...
  12. Healthy Recipes

    Meatless Monday: Sweet potato and tofu curry

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    Sweet potatoes aren't just for the holidays! This curry dish includes sweet potatoes for great flavor and substance. It's an...
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    Yellow curry shrimp

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    A curry meal is always welcome. Shrimp cooked in yellow curry with basmati rice is no exception.
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    Curried tuna salad

    Whip up a gourmet picnic dish in minutes by jazzing up canned tuna. This curried tuna salad is big of flavor and perfect spread on...
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    Thai chicken curry recipe

    Love Thai food? So do we! Wow them with flavor and get your Thai chicken curry fix in the comfort of your own home with this...
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    Creamy coconut crab curry

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    Hearty coconut crab curry makes a comforting meal full of flavor and spice. Serve this creamy, delectable crab dish over steamed...
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    Thai green curry chicken burrito

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    If you are ready for something unique and bursting with flavor, this is the recipe for you. Chicken is simmered in a spicy green...
  18. Healthy Recipes

    Curried chickpea-stuffed peppers with almonds and yogurt

    Chickpeas mixed with a variety of Indian spices then stuffed in peppers and baked, makes for a super-flavorful, filling and...
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    Meatless Monday: Vegetable and cashew curry

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    Meatless Monday is a great day to serve vegetable and cashew curry. This dish is super-satisfying and makes a big impact on hungry...
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    Eggplant pumpkin peanut curry

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    Bold flavors come together in this Thai-inspired recipe, resulting in an absolutely delicious dish perfect as a main course or side!...