cupcake recipes

  1. Food & Recipes

    Good news for Crumbs fans; bake shop to reopen

    Crumbs Bake Shop abruptly closed its doors last week, causing cupcake fanatics to do crazy things, like purchase what was supposedly...
  2. Food & Recipes

    The crupcake: When cupcake meets croissant

    It’s only been a few months, but the Cronut is already old news. (I’m thinking all those reports of mice droppings at the bakery...
  3. Healthy Recipes

    A good-for-you vanilla cupcake milkshake

    If you could put a cupcake into a glass and drink it, this would be it.
  4. Dessert Recipes

    VIDEO: Frosting a cupcake

    Getting fancy with your frosting will be a piece of (cup)cake for would-be decorating divas who want to frost their cupcakes like a...
  5. Dessert Recipes

    VIDEO: How to fill a piping bag

    Trying to create your first cupcake masterpiece? There's no need to have problems with your pastry bag. Pipe frosting like a pro...
  6. Dessert Recipes

    Fresh, bright, lemon-thyme olive oil cupcakes

    Adding herbs to your baking is all the rage. I got in on the trend by combining citrusy lemon and fresh thyme in one sweet cupcake...
  7. Cooking & Entertaining

    This is one tie you know Dad will love (to eat)

    Cupcakes are great for any holiday, but they make Father's Day extra special when adorned with cute candy ties.
  8. Cooking & Entertaining

    Congrats, grad! You deserve a cupcake

    Mortarboard cupcakes (you know, the cap part of cap and gown) are the perfect way to celebrate with your recent graduate. After...
  9. Dessert Recipes

    Shirley Temple cupcakes with a cherry on top

    Go back to your childhood with these Shirley Temple cupcakes. Each one is loaded with cherry and ginger ale flavors.
  10. Dessert Recipes

    "Hot off the grill" cupcakes

    Memorial Day is just a few weeks away, and you can't have a party without a grill, right? Well, if you're like me and are grill-less...
  11. Dessert Recipes

    Cactus cupcakes in terra-cotta pots look like the real thing

    These cute cactus cupcakes are a lot easier to handle than their prickly look-alikes. Chocolate cake is baked in terra-cotta pots...
  12. Cooking & Entertaining

    Cupcakes in disguise: Guacamole-filled molcajetes

    Chocolate cupcakes and Rolos make the perfect molcajete base for "guacamole" frosting with M&M's "tomatoes" and sweet cinnamon sugar...
  13. Dessert Recipes

    Senor cupcakes, complete with a mustache

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    Cinco de Mayo isn't just about drinking a lot of margaritas or eating endless chips and salsa. It's about celebrating the heritage...
  14. Dessert Recipes

    Make root beer floats better — turn them into cupcakes

    These clever root beer floats are actually cute cupcakes in disguise. Whip up these sly treats with just a boxed cake mix, a can of...
  15. Dessert Recipes

    End of the rainbow cupcakes

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    The best kinds of cupcakes are the ones that have extra treats stuffed inside or on top. These cupcakes are covered with sweet and...
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    Stuffed St. Patrick's Day Funfetti cupcakes

    You know what's better than a regular cupcake? One with frosting stuffed inside! Frosting is my favorite part of cupcakes and cakes....
  17. Dessert Recipes

    Tie-dyed Mardi Gras cupcakes

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    You know the best part about Mardi Gras (besides the fruity cocktails, loud music and fancy beads)? Fat Tuesday. The one day you can...
  18. Cooking & Entertaining

    Be my valentine mini cupcakes

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    Make your own beautiful candy hearts for these delicious chocolate cupcakes. It's so easy and fun that you'll want to make extra...
  19. Dessert Recipes

    Milk and cookies unite in one amazing cupcake

    There are few things that make me smile more than a big glass of milk and homemade chocolate chip cookies. My mom makes the world's...
  20. Dessert Recipes

    Hot chocolate cupcakes

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    Nothing is better than being able to play with your food. This sweet cupcake looks like a big cup of hot chocolate but tastes like a...