1. Parenting

    The classmates who dumped a bucket of body waste on a teen with autism deserve jail time

    According to a report out of Ohio, classmates of a teenage boy with autism had him perform the ice bucket challenge for ALS, but...
  2. Living

    Support pours in for young gay man beaten and kicked out by his family (VIDEO)

    Yesterday, Daniel Ashley Pierce thought his biggest problem was being late to work. Little did he know he'd end up being beaten by...
  3. K-12

    NYC lawmaker pushes for spray chalk ban, says it's a gateway to drugs and crime

    New York lawmaker Phil Goldfeder is cracking down on toys that encourage kids to commit crimes. What's he so worried about? Spray...
  4. Living

    Is Ferguson, Missouri, a glimpse into our future?

    There are serious law enforcement issues at hand in Ferguson, Missouri, and beyond that our nation continually ignores. Racism isn't...
  5. Living

    Siri? I killed my roommate, how do I hide the body?

    Pedro Bravo is on trial for killing his University of Florida roommate Christian Aguilar in 2012.
  6. Parenting

    Florida mom accused of killing 5-year-old Timothy Wiltsey in 1991 (VIDEO)

    Timothy Wiltsey went missing in New Jersey in 1991. His mother, Michelle Lodzinski, claimed he disappeared from a local carnival....
  7. Toddler & Preschoolers

    Strangers rescue Kansas City toddler from hot car, mom throws punches (VIDEO)

    Authorities say 29-year-old mom Tiquana S. Pasco left her toddler in a running vehicle while returning an item at Game Stop....
  8. Parenting

    Is it a crime to leave your child alone?

    Recent news stories about parents allowing their kids to walk alone to the park or play alone at the park are causing a debate among...
  9. Parenting

    Mom arrested after toddler daughter found dead at Oregon resort

    Washington mom Jessica Smith was arrested in Oregon on aggravated murder charges for the death of her toddler daughter.
  10. Toddler & Preschoolers

    Shoplifting mom was so worried about getting arrested she left her kids behind

    On occasion there are times when each of us can commend ourselves on doing a good job of parenting after reading about a parent who...
  11. Living

    Are corporations people? FedEx and Hobby Lobby blur the lines

    The latest news in a series of disappointing headlines about America's corporate worship came this week when FedEx was indicted by a...
  12. Baby

    Why the toddler who died in a hot car in Georgia haunts us

    There's a smug part of me that thinks I'm above rubbernecking at the tabloids, but when it comes to stories of parents allegedly...
  13. Tips & Advice

    Woman gets slap on the wrist for sex with 8-year-old

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    A young mother in the U.K. was given a shockingly lenient sentence after being convicted of a heinous crime. Was justice really served?
  14. Books

    Debut author P.D. Viner on killing his first character

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    The main character is the heart and soul of any novel — which made it all the more difficult for new author P.D. Viner to kill her....
  15. Music

    The Calling front man Alex Band abducted

    In town for a music festival, The Calling's front man Alex Band was abducted, beaten and has just been released from a Michigan...
  16. Television

    Name that convict: Celebs with rap sheets

    We know a number of upstanding citizens also happen to be excellent actors, singers and sports stars. But it sure seems like just...
  17. Celebrity Gossip

    Hollywood true crime: 5 Real-life mysteries

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    If only real-life mysteries could be wrapped up in an hour, as they are on our favorite detective shows. These five true Hollywood...
  18. Entertainment

    From crime-fighting actor to real life criminal: Celebs who made the switch

    Sometimes, our beloved crime-fighting movie stars aren't all that they're cracked up to be. These crime...
  19. Television

    Sneak peek! The Americans revisits the Cold War with thrills

    Thankfully, we can live out our spy fantasies by watching The Americans without worrying about it actually happening to us.
  20. Parenting

    Florida Mom Julie Schenecker killed teens for being “mouthy”

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    Is there anything in this world that would cause a mom to shoot and kill her children? The answer is no for nearly every one of us....