1. Christmas

    9 Handmade crafts for winter holidays

    Winter can be dreary, especially when you're stuck indoors. Here are some family-friendly crafts that will get you through these...
  2. Super Moms Guide

    14 Rainy-day craft and meal ideas

    Has the rain given you the blues? Think of it this way: A rainy day is the perfect time to conquer that craft or recipe you've...
  3. Crafts

    Sparkle-fest: 19 Crafts you can bedazzle with glitter

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    Every lady needs a little bit of glitz and glamor in her life. Turn up the shine this year with these 19 fun glitter-filled crafts!
  4. Christmas

    Kid-friendly crafts for Kwanzaa

    Before you know it, the holiday season will be upon us. Whether you want to keep your kids busy, want to have a fun way to educate...
  5. Shopping for the Home

    8 Crafting tools you'll need this holiday season

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    Crafting during the holidays is fun for the whole family. Make easy work of all your favorite seasonal projects with these eight...
  6. Family Fun

    Kids' gratitude board for Thanksgiving

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    If you're looking for a way to put gratitude into action in your family, this DIY chalkboard project is just what you need. After...
  7. Toddler & Preschoolers

    Fun holiday crafts for your preschooler

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    Show your preschoolers the meaning of the holidays by helping them create festive crafts to decorate your home, give to loved ones...
  8. Relationships

    10 Unique ways to say "I love you"

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    Next time you're tempted to spend $5 on a greeting card, channel your creative energy into an "I love you" worth remembering. We...
  9. More Holidays & Seasons

    Halloween paper craft treat bags

    Feeling crafty? These Halloween treat sacks are a cinch to make, and they work perfectly as party favors or "boo" bags to leave on...
  10. Family Fun

    Grandparents' Day crafts for kids: Photo pot holders

    Grandparents' Day is September 8. This year, surprise Grandma and Grandpa with a handmade gift that is cute and functional!
  11. Family Fun

    Grandparents' Day crafts for kids: Footprint flower pot

    Grandparents' Day is September 8. Try whipping up a cute and personalized gift that any grandparent will love!
  12. Family Fun

    3 Upcycled sweater crafts

    As the seasons change it's time to pull out all of those warm and cozy sweaters. If you have a few sweaters that are too small or...
  13. Family Fun

    Prince-worthy crafts

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    The new prince has made a big splash around the world, but with these prince-worthy crafts, you can show your kid that he's kind of...
  14. Family Fun

    Host a Mexican fiesta family dinner

    Family night feeling a little fuddy-duddy? Add some spice to your family time by planning a Mexican fiesta family dinner night. From...
  15. Crafts

    DIY felt flowers

    Fresh flowers are beautiful but do not last very long. Why not make a fun, colorful felt flower to use as a pin or to put in your...
  16. Crafts

    Do-it-yourself paper pom-poms

    These easy-to-make paper pom-poms are colorful and fun to make with your kids for the summertime.
  17. Crafts

    Create a piggy bank from a recycled water bottle

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    It's never too early to learn how to save money. Martha Stewart creates a fun way to get children involved in saving loose change...
  18. Crafts

    How to create a button picture frame

    Having an amazing button collection is great, but putting them to use on a picture frame of your choice is even better. This DIY...
  19. Crafts

    DIY kid's tambourine craft

    Is it a lazy Sunday or a rainy day with nothing to do? You have read every book in the house, played all your kid's favorite games...
  20. Family Fun

    Create an outdoor kids' carnival with cardboard boxes

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    You don't have to wait for the carnival to come to town to have some carnival-themed fun! Check out these DIY ideas to build a...