crafts for kids

  1. Crafts

    5 Fun Thanksgiving Day crafts

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    It's Thanksgiving... time to give thanks, eat lots of food and make crafts! Check out these five fun Thanksgiving Day crafts that...
  2. Decorating How-tos

    How to make handprint gifts

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    Looking for an inexpensive way for your child to give Christmas gifts this year? Put Junior to work making these cute DIY handprint...
  3. Preschoolers

    Indoor activities for when it's cold outside

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    Winter -- and with it, major yucky weather-- is quickly approaching. Fear not! Being stuck inside doesn't have to equal sadness and...
  4. Preschoolers

    Plan a messy art day for your preschooler

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    To the five and under age-set, nothing is more fun than getting super messy. Here are some ways to plan an entire day dedicated to...
  5. Kids Activity Center

    Halloween crafts for kids

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    Put your children in the Halloween spirit by engaging in fun, crafty activities with them such as making pipe cleaner spiders,...
  6. Kids Activity Center

    Halloween coloring sheets

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    Get your child in the Halloween spirit by having them print out these festive Halloween coloring sheets. Choose from pumpkins to...
  7. Home crafts

    Autumn leaf crafts

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    Every fall, Mother Nature takes out her palette of colors and transforms the leaves into brilliant oranges, reds and yellows. It's...
  8. Family Activities

    How to make soda bottle spiders

    Gather up all your empty plastic soda and water bottles, round up the family and make a creepy cluster of soda bottle spiders.
  9. Family Activities

    How to make soda-bottle garden shovels

    Don’t toss that empty soda bottle in the recycling can. Instead, show the kids how to upcycle a soda bottle into a useful gardening...
  10. Family Activities

    How to make family mailboxes

    Making family mailboxes is a fun family activity that lets you get your craft on -- and creates a new way to improve your family’s...
  11. Family Activities

    How to make no-sew fleece blankets

    If you’ve always wanted to make a blanket but haven’t sewn anything since your junior-high home economics class, you’ll love this...
  12. Crafts

    How to make a personalized T-shirt

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    There’s more than one way to personalize a T-shirt. You can use any number of crafty items and shortcuts to create a customized top...
  13. Crafts

    How to make paper flowers

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    Tissue paper flowers originated as a Mexican craft for Cinco de Mayo. These traditional decorations are great for casual parties and...
  14. Crafts

    How to make a cell phone cover

    Your cell phone makes a statement about you. If you’re tired of having a phone that looks like everyone else’s, make a sparkly cell...
  15. Crafts

    How to make soda bottle butterflies

    Not sure what to do with those empty plastic soda bottles? Transform them into beautiful butterflies. This project is both fun and...
  16. Crafts

    How to make a soda-can windchime

    We all know it’s best to recycle aluminum cans, but that doesn’t mean you have to throw them in the recycling bin. Put those soda...
  17. Crafts

    How to make cardboard guitars

    If you have a big cardboard box sitting around, turn it into a cardboard guitar! Your child will think you’re a rock star – and...
  18. Crafts

    How to make milk jug animals

    Making milk jug animals is a great way to get your child’s creative juices flowing. You can make almost any animal imaginable,...
  19. Crafts

    How to scrapbook a vacation

    Making a vacation scrapbook is a fun way to keep those memories alive and remind children of their family vacation. You can bring...
  20. Crafts

    How to decorate picture frames

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    A decorated picture frame is a wonderful way to personalize a photo and commemorate a special vacation, holiday or family gathering....