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    The shallow reason I dumped my significant other

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    We've all heard the line, "It's not you, it's me." But it is you. Here are real-life shallow reasons these people dumped their...
  2. Relationships

    3 Ways to compromise

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    One of the best ways to keep your relationship on track and out of trouble is to compromise. If you’re willing to cooperate and work...
  3. Love Articles

    Fight right: How to argue with your spouse without getting nasty

    Arguing is a normal part of a healthy relationship. You're two different people, and it's only natural that you sometimes have...
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    5 Things you should never say to your spouse

    Ever hear something come out of your mouth and instantly wished you could take it back? Once spoken, words can't ever be taken back...
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    How to dump the blame game

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    Are either of you coming out a winner when it comes to the blame game? We thought not. Read on to learn how to stop pointing fingers...