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    Glee sneak peek: "Guilty Pleasures"

    In the upcoming episode of Glee , New Directions will take on songs that everyone loves, but no one wants to admit.
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    Glee recap: "Feud"

    Rachel's not pregnant, but her problems are far from over. Santana tries to convince Rachel that Brody is bad news. while Finn and...
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    Glee recap: Girls (and boys) on film

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    Santana makes the New York gang change their perspective; Finn helps reunite Emma with Will at a price; and Marley tells Jake about...
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    Glee recap: I Do(n't)

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    There's a reunion in Lima for Will and Emma's wedding, and ironically everyone else is pairing off without commitment.
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    Glee recap: "Divas" dive in for the kill

    Finn gives the New Directions a diva theme to explore; Sam and Santana fight for Brittany; Tina and Blaine connect on a deeper...
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    Glee recap: "Naked"

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    Glee gets us sweating with their latest fundraiser to help Lima; Rachel has a reunion and a life-changing decision at hand.
  7. Television

    Glee January premiere recap: "Sadie Hawkins"

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    Recruiting my affection all over again, this female-empowering episode questions moral character and places all kinds of scrutiny...
  8. Television

    Glee recap: "Glee Actually" made sense

    Last night, Glee's Season 4, Episode 10 featured several storylines that all intersected, making for an interesting turn of events.
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    Glee 's hottest scandal of 2012: Uncovered?

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    A chance SheKnows encounter may have revealed a possible on-screen romance that has found its way into off-screen territory. What...
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    Glee recap: There's a catfight, and someone dies?

    In a faint — or feigned — attempt at winning Sectionals, New Directions faces implosion, while New York seems to be beaming with...
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    Sneak peek: Glee "in the key of danger!"

    Now that Glease is officially over, what will the New Directioners focus on? Oh, don't you worry. There's always something causing a...
  12. Television

    Glee recap: Season 4, Episode 6

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    Reunions + Bulimia + Sexuality + Equality + Backstabbing + Heartbreak = All leading to a... romantic musical?
  13. Television

    Glee recap: Oh. My. Glease

    The most anticipated event of the season is finally here, as Glee returns from a monthlong hiatus.
  14. Television

    Taylor Swift doesn't want angry emails from her exes

    Taylor Swift stops by Ellen on Thursday, but she refuses to play into host Ellen DeGeneres' dating game.
  15. Celebrity Gossip

    Lea Michele pregnant? 'I've finally made it!'

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    Glee star Lea Michele was spotted over the weekend with that telltale bump under her baggy shirt. Will she be a mom soon? Not so fast.
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    Glee recap: New York means new changes

    Seems like cake is on the menu, because everyone wants his or hers -- and to be able to eat it, too.
  17. Television

    Glee returns with a breakup

    The show promises a breakup but does not say who it might be. And creator Ryan Murphy is showing us that there is life beyond high...
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    Glee Recap: Brittany, Cassandra, and Brody? Oh my!

    Another Britney Spears–inspired week for the Gleeks and Kate Hudson wearing a bodysuit? How about that new piece of eye candy, Dean...
  19. Television

    What's next for the Glee kids? Internships for all!

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    Now that the big two-hour finale of Glee is over, we think the New Directions make for great interns this summer.
  20. Television

    Glee says grad goodbyes via Whitney Houston tribute episode

    Glee producers promise the upcoming episode will be different from past tributes to Lady Gaga, Madonna, Michael Jackson and...