cookie recipes

  1. Winter Recipes

    Snowy mountain cookies

    Rather than hitting the slopes, eat them! These chocolate, no-bake snowy mountain cookies are as easy to attempt as the bunny hill.
  2. Organic and Natural

    Vegan tea-infused shortbread cookies

    Even if eggs or dairy aren't a part of your diet, you can still enjoy these delightfully crumbly, sweet shortbread cookies.
  3. Decor & Themes

    How to turn sugar cookies into ornaments

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    With just a few simple household items, you can turn one of the holiday's favorite treats into a festive decoration.
  4. Entertaining Menus & Recipes

    3 Halloween cookie pops

    Want a cute and themed Halloween dessert but can't stand the thought of making a cake pop? Forget the cake and make one of these fun...
  5. Holiday & Seasonal Recipes

    3 Candy corn-inspired Halloween sweets

    These fun treats are packed full of candy corn flavor and color. You won't want to stop eating them.
  6. Gluten Free Recipes

    Gluten-free gingerbread mummy cookies

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    Make this Halloween extra special with these easy mummified gluten-free gingerbread men. Don't be afraid! They're just cookies.
  7. Holiday & Seasonal Recipes

    3 Ghostly Halloween treats

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    These cute little treats are almost too cute to eat! Fun, portable and easy to make these are perfect for trick-or-treating,...
  8. Baking

    Two-ingredient pumpkin cookies

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    With just two ingredients, you can go from dessertless to dessert in under 30 minutes. You're not going to believe how easy this...
  9. Family Recipes

    Easy homemade cookie butter

    If you've never had cookie butter, in our eyes, you haven't lived. That's why we decided to save the $4 a pop it costs to buy it at...
  10. More Holidays & Seasons

    SNICKERS® Surprise Cookies

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    Looking for a clever way to enjoy extra Halloween candy? Whip up a batch of SNICKERS® Surprise Cookies. The surprise? These cookies...
  11. Gluten Free Recipes

    Gluten-free Goodie of the Week: Lemon-lavender shortbread cookies with lemon glaze

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    Rich cookies with the wonderful flavor combo of lemon and lavender are divine any time of year. You won't be disappointed in a...
  12. Baking

    Reese's peanut butter cup stuffed cookies

    We are taking basic peanut butter cookies and stuffing them with miniature Reese's peanut butter cups. You cannot go wrong with...
  13. Baking

    Maple almond butter sea salt cookies

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    If you love peanut butter cookies, you are going to love these almond butter cookies even more. Almond butter replaces the peanut...
  14. Baking

    Brown butter Rolo chocolate chip cookies

    Jazz up those plain ol' chocolate chip cookies with brown butter, Rolo candies and toffee bits. You won't be able to eat just one!
  15. Baking

    Chocolate chip cookie pizza

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    Chocolate chip cookie dough is baked in a cast iron pan and topped with creamy vanilla bean ice cream and served warm. This ooey...
  16. Baking

    3 Fun back-to-school cookie desserts

    Want to make going back to school just a little less painful (and secure your kid's spot at the cool kids' table)? Instead of Oreos...
  17. Healthy Desserts

    The healthiest types of cookies

    Who says cookies can't be healthy? Let's take a look at healthy options if you're feeling the need to indulge in something sweet!
  18. Baking

    How to make doily sugar cookies

    Lifestyle expert and best-selling author Cheryl Najafi teams up with SheKnows to show us her take on sugar cookies. Mix old school...
  19. Entertaining Menus & Recipes

    Sweet & savory recipes using Angry Orchard hard apple cider

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    Drinking hard apple cider is obvious, but did you also know you can cook with it? Try one of these creative sauces, salads, entrees...
  20. Cookbooks

    Cookbook review: Ice Cream Sandwiches by Donna Egan

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    You can buy them at the grocery store or pick one up from an ice cream truck, but why not make your own ice cream sandwiches? Donna...