1. K-12

    Kids ask Mom and Dad for protection in this powerful antigun message (VIDEO)

    According to this powerful anti-gun video, the gun debate isn't complicated. Kids just don't want to be killed. They want you to do...
  2. Baby

    Popular parenting manual says you should let your baby cry until he vomits

    Whether or not you let your baby cry it out, the recommendation in a popular baby book simply can't go over well with anyone.
  3. Fashion & Style

    Urban Outfitters commits horrifying fashion fail with blood-stained sweatshirt

    Urban Outfitters is no stranger to controversy. The edgy retailer is known for marketing clothing that is questionable both in taste...
  4. Parenting

    Is kid clothing brand frankie & sue crossing a line with Native Americans? (UPDATED)

    In a world where every other outfit for a kid tends to be boring blue and brown for boys and pink for girls, it’s always exciting to...
  5. Parenting

    Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans criticized for giving her son a mohawk

    When Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans debuted her son Jace's new mohawk on Twitter, the pearl clutchers of the internet lost their...
  6. Organic and Natural

    Will Annie's Homegrown stay organic after selling out to General Mills?

    Annie's Homegrown maintains its commitment to quality ingredients in the wake of its acquisition by General Mills. But not everyone...
  7. K-12

    Hey moms, guess what? Your kids already saw Ray Rice abuse his wife

    My kids know about the Ray Rice incident so the least I can do is talk openly about it with them.
  8. Tips & Advice

    LEGO's bizarre divide between boys and girls isn't helping either gender

    Last weekend my son earned a trip to the LEGO store to buy a few sets. In the area labeled "hard to find," he picked out the...
  9. Baby

    YouTubers bicker over video of baby hearing for first time (VIDEO)

    A week ago when Toby Lever posted the two-year-old video of his son Lachlan's first hearing aids (at the age of 7 weeks old) he...
  10. Baby

    Nope, I can't think of a good reason to pierce your baby

    Moms face a lot of judgment and scrutiny from other moms. We all have our sanctimommy moments and I think we can agree that there...
  11. Baby

    Missouri city outlaws breastfeeding near or in public pools for no good reason at all

    Breastfeeding moms and pools go hand-in-hand, unless you live in Warrensburg, Missouri, where the city just outlawed you.
  12. School & Education

    Texas school refuses Native American student because of his ponytail

    A Texas public school refused entry to a kindergartner last week because his hair violated their district’s strict policy. The boy...
  13. K-12

    Here's why you need to call your kid out if he's "looking at" celebrity nudes

    Over the weekend, hackers downloaded dozens of female celebrity nudes from the cloud and distributed them gleefully. Instead of...
  14. K-12

    School superintendent under fire for calling girls a nasty name over dress code violations

    Back to school means that your daughter will be subjected to wardrobe scrutiny by educators in the classroom. But no matter what she...
  15. K-12

    Oklahoma school backpedals after trying to set limit on bathroom breaks

    Katherine I. Daily Elementary in Noble, Oklahoma, tried to limit bathroom breaks for students at the school as young as 5. But why?
  16. Pregnancy

    Pregnancy doesn't make you fat, it makes you pregnant

    I'll be the first one to tell you that talking about the hard parts of motherhood has tremendous value to other parents. Everyone...
  17. Parenting

    Zara pulls kids' pajamas eerily reminiscent of the Holocaust

    Spanish clothing retailer Zara faced a social media firestorm recently with the release of a toddler pajama top bearing a striking...
  18. K-12

    Florida third grader objects to prayers in her public school curriculum (VIDEO)

    At just 8, Emarie Wakefield is an outspoken human rights advocate. She has her own Facebook page where she stands up for LGBT...
  19. K-12

    Kids forced outside in extreme heat as punishment

    This story out of Central Illinois will make you long for the days when teachers took recess away as a punishment.
  20. K-12

    NYC lawmaker pushes for spray chalk ban, says it's a gateway to drugs and crime

    New York lawmaker Phil Goldfeder is cracking down on toys that encourage kids to commit crimes. What's he so worried about? Spray...