1. Parenting

    Zara pulls kids' pajamas eerily reminiscent of the Holocaust

    Spanish clothing retailer Zara faced a social media firestorm recently with the release of a toddler pajama top bearing a striking...
  2. K-12

    Florida third grader objects to prayers in her public school curriculum (VIDEO)

    At just 8, Emarie Wakefield is an outspoken human right's advocate. She has her own Facebook page where she stands up for LGBT...
  3. K-12

    Kids forced outside in extreme heat as punishment

    This story out of Central Illinois will make you long for the days when teachers took recess away as a punishment.
  4. K-12

    NYC lawmaker pushes for spray chalk ban, says it's a gateway to drugs and crime

    New York lawmaker Phil Goldfeder is cracking down on toys that encourage kids to commit crimes. What's he so worried about? Spray...
  5. School & Education

    Don't mess with Texas: Teachers now allowed to carry guns

    The Argyle Independent School District of Texas has put criminals on notice: Try to hurt our students and you may not make it out...
  6. Tips & Advice

    No, Michelle Duggar, I'm not worried that transgender women are going to prey on my children

    An Arkansas city is pushing an anti-discrimination ordinance, and Michelle Duggar says that if it goes through, children will be in...
  7. New Moms

    Conservative activist says Ohio should criminalize breastfeeding in public

    As a mom who breastfed two children and who has known a number of women who publicly breastfeed, including my own mother back in the...
  8. Living

    Ad exec on leave after vicious transphobic rant

    We're warning you: This article contains excerpts from a piece that uses strong, hateful and potentially triggering language.
  9. K-12

    Mom, your naked body isn't going to scar your kid for life

    It surprised me when a mom from the UK recently vowed to never let her daughter see her "floppy" middle-aged body naked again....
  10. Tips & Advice

    In the wake of Ferguson riots, I'm teaching my kids to trust the police

    The violence in Ferguson, Missouri, has raised questions about whether or not law enforcement and the public are on the same side....
  11. Tips & Advice

    Cops arrest South Carolina mom for swearing in front of her kids

    Most parents make a concerted effort to not cuss in front of or at their children. But for one South Carolina mom, an alleged slip...
  12. Tips & Advice

    Moms freak out on Facebook after Lands' End mails a sexy GQ magazine

    Lands' End sent select customers a subscription to GQ magazine as a bonus gift. Unfortunately for them, the scantily clad model on...
  13. K-12

    If I went to jail every time my kids went out alone, I'd be a prisoner for life

    When my kids were younger, they walked to elementary school by themselves. They played at the local park without me. They stayed...
  14. Parenting

    Bizarre picture book teaches kids about open carry gun laws (VIDEO)

    Wondering how to explain to your kids that you go about your daily life with a handgun? Never fear. My Parents Open Carry has...
  15. Tips & Advice

    The biggest breastfeeding-in-public fails of 2014

    It's 2014 — surely moms don't get harassed for nursing in public anymore, right? Wrong.
  16. Toddler & Preschoolers

    Pageant mom dresses her preschooler up as Hooters girl

    Liane Dix is a 33-year-old unemployed mom who creates her daughter's pageant costumes by hand. Daughter Scarlett's latest costume ?...
  17. Pregnancy

    Z-list celeb sells tickets to watch her push out her baby

    So, if you're looking to earn some extra cash, why not sell tickets so four of your biggest fans — complete strangers, mind you —...
  18. Baby

    Michaels craft store allegedly tells breastfeeding mom to sit facing the corner

    Breastfeeding mothers in Missouri are protected by law, but a customer at a St. Louis area Michaels alleges she was asked to go...
  19. Toddler & Preschoolers

    Barbie-crazed mom spray tans her toddler daughters

    What's tiny, innocent and spray-tanned all over? That would be Sophie-May Dixon's two young daughters, Princess Bliss, 4, and...
  20. Pregnancy

    Florida woman ordered to have a C-section against her will

    A Florida mother of three wants to try for a vaginal birth after three Caesarean sections, but her medical provider is threatening...