contouring makeup

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    How to Photoshop your look without a computer

    Photoshop, when used responsibly, is awesome. A few clicks and you've removed the dark circles under your eyes, thinned out your...
  2. Makeup

    How to contour your body with self-tanner and bronzer

    Ready for your warm summer glow? Learn how to apply self-tanner and bronzer with these products!
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    How to highlight and contour like a pro

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    While it used to be a makeup secret of celebrity makeup artists to make cheekbones pop and skin glow, the tricks to highlighting and...
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    The best blushes to help contour your face

    Eventually, most women will catch on to the fact that if you put your makeup on strategically, you are doing more than applying...
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    Makeup tips for square faces

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    If you have a square-shaped face, your makeup should round out your jawline for a softer look. Jessica Simpson, Demi Moore and...
  6. Makeup

    Makeup tips for diamond-shaped faces

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    The diamond-shaped face is wide at the cheekbones and more narrow at the jawline and forehead. For a true, balanced diamond, you...
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    Makeup tips for oblong faces

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    An oblong or rectangular face shape is longer than it is wide, and is relatively the same width across the forehead, cheekbones and...
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    Makeup tips for heart-shaped faces

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    With a heart-shaped face, you have a wide forehead, prominent cheekbones and a narrow chin. Reese Witherspoon , Michelle Pfeiffer...
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    Makeup for round faces

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    Celebrities such as Drew Barrymore and Kate Winslet have round faces. If you, too, have a round face, your cheeks are generous,...
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    Makeup tips for oval faces

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    Your face shape should be a big factor in how you apply your makeup — and good makeup application strives to achieve the look of an...