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  1. Television

    Nashville: The Whole Story tonight!

    These boots were made for drama, y'all!
  2. Television

    Sneak peek: Nashville 's winter finale

    We've got a new promo, plus a few extra tidbits, for Wednesday's winter finale of Nashville. Caution: Spoilers ahead!
  3. Television

    Nashville recap: Clash of the divas

    Rayna James and Juliette Barnes put their differences (and diva attitudes) aside to take the stage together. Does this mean the tour...
  4. Movies & Reviews

    Exclusive clip: The Fitzgerald Family Christmas

    Edward Burns is bringing Christmas home to the whole family, but it's not as simple as just putting the presents under the tree.
  5. Television

    Nashville recap: Time to move on

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    Juliette Barnes once told Deacon that she didn't have anyone in her life who really cared. This week's Nashville showed us that...
  6. Television

    This week's Nashville sneak peek

    This week on Nashville, Juliette tries to clean up her image and lands a hot date, Rayna tries to change her (musical) style and...
  7. Television

    Nashville recap: Put it in the rearview mirror

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    Rayna James writes on her own, Avery screws up a huge opportunity for Scarlett and Juliette's mama goes to rehab. That's this week's...
  8. Celebrity Gossip

    Live in the Nashville house for a cool $19.5M

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    The house that serves as Rayna James' house on the new ABC drama Nashville is on the market. Want to live there? Better break out...
  9. Parenting

    Celebrity mom cover stories: Halle Berry, Nicole Kidman, Connie Britton

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    We have rounded up the coolest and chicest celebrity moms that are on the covers of magazines this month. Halle Berry talked about...
  10. Television

    Nashville recap: Any publicity is good publicity

    Juliette finds out that her blond hair and singing talents can't save her from everything.
  11. Television

    Nashville spoiler: Juliette is a thief!

    The drama never stops on Nashville! That's especially true for Juliette, as she tries to deal with being caught stealing nail...
  12. Television

    Nashville recap: Let's get human

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    They all might seem career-driven, but it appears all that the Nashville crew wants is love. Also, a couple of big storms are...
  13. Television

    Nashville Episode 3 sneak peeks: Getting hot under the collar

    Nashville is back with its third episode and things continue to heat up! Juliette and Deacon hit the sack, and Rayna looks like...
  14. Television

    Nashville recap: Everyone has a secret

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    This week's episode of Nashville gave us a little bit of everything. Basically, we can already tell that Rayna and Teddy's days as a...
  15. Television

    Nashville is back: Will Rayna and Juliette face off?

    Nashville is back for its second episode! Sneak peeks have been hard to find, but we've got a few tidbits and predictions for you....
  16. Television

    Nashville recap: There's lot of dirt under all those rhinestones

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    ABC debuted the much-anticipated drama Nashville on Wednesday night. The verdict? It's cliched but completely catchy.
  17. Television

    Nashville sneak peek: Let the cat fights begin

    Nashville 's latest sneak peek gives an inside look at one cold hard truth about the music industry -- it's a business full of ego....
  18. Television

    Hayden Panettiere ready to sizzle in Nashville

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    Get your cowboy boots and plaid T-shirts ready... ABC's new series Nashville is going to be competing with the already successful...
  19. Television

    ABC's Nashville : Fame is where the heart is

    Let the backstabbing begin! ABC has released a soapy, drama-filled trailer for their upcoming series, Nashville. It features Connie...
  20. Television

    Connie Britton hits a high note for Nashville

    Connie Britton's heading back to television. After a successful stint on FX's American Horror Story , the Emmy-nominated actress is...