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    Nashville recap: Time to face reality

    In this episode of Nashville , called "Why Don't You Love Me," Deacon and Rayna wake up after a blissful night and start to face...
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    Nashville recap: Juliette learns a harsh truth

    On this episode of Nashville called "Take These Chains from My Heart," Juliette learns a harsh truth about someone she cares...
  3. Celebrity Gossip

    Connie Britton says Friday Night Lights movie in works

    Nashville star Connie Britton's new series is in danger of being canceled on ABC, so perhaps it's no shock that the actress is...
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    Brad Paisley to appear in Nashville season finale

    ABC's hit series Nashville welcomes real-life country star Brad Paisley for its first season finale.
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    Nashville recap: These foolish games

    Juliette and Dante's relationship causes friction on the tour. Meanwhile, Gunnar's new friendship brings back his creative fire, but...
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    Nashville news and spoilers: Rayna's new man and more

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    We've got some news about ABC's Nashville , including spoilers about a possible new man in Rayna's life, a burgeoning friendship...
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    Nashville recap: Moving on and growing up

    Juliette starts acting like a grown-up and gets help from her mom's sobriety coach. Meanwhile, Rayna has to let her little girl grow...
  8. Television

    Nashville preview: "I Saw the Light"

    Juliette is jealous when she sees Rayna's face on a huge billboard instead of hers, and it looks like Rayna may be jealous when she...
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    Nashville recap: Two steps forward, one step back

    Rayna and Teddy have to deal with new drama, Deacon meets someone new, Juliette learns to take responsibility and Scarlet and Gunnar...
  10. Television

    Nashville preview: Episode 15

    Rayna and Teddy's relationship grows more complicated when Maddie gets in trouble. Meanwhile, Deacon finds himself interested in...
  11. Television

    Nashville fans get chance to meet Connie Britton

    Hey Nashville fans! Have you ever wanted to meet the lovely and talented Connie Britton (Rayna), and get to see the set of ABC's...
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    ABC's Nashville planning concert tour

    The stars of ABC's hit Nashville may be coming to your town soon!
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    Nasvhille 's Connie Britton talks: Rayna's big secret

    SheKnows talks with Connie Britton and series creator Callie Khouri about the big secret that Rayna is holding from Deacon: Should...
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    Nashville recap: Goodbye, brother

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    It's a time for new beginnings on Nashville , but not all are happy.
  15. Celebrity Gossip

    Connie Britton's hair has a blog and a Twitter

    Connie Britton is riding high on her Nashville success, but her hair is getting all the glory — on the internet, at least.
  16. Celebrity Gossip

    Which actress stole Connie Britton's role of a lifetime?

    The 45-year-old actress has hit her stride, but it appears she could have been an A-list actress back in 1995. So which actress...
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    Nashville recap: Transitions

    This week's Nashville was pretty ho-hum... except for the return of sexy music producer Liam McGuinnis. Guess that Deacon/Rayna...
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    Nashville recap: Ch-ch-ch-changes

    Rayna and Juliette are still on tour, but things are just as dramatic on the road as they are back in Nashville.
  19. Television

    Nashville recap: The thing about relationships

    Rayna is on top of the world: She's back on top as country's reigning queen and record labels are fighting over her. So, why isn't...
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    Nashville recap: And the winner is...

    Finally! This week's Nashville gives us more of what we want: An inside look at the seedy side of the recording industry, thanks...