1. Music

    It's happening! Kate Bush returning to the stage after 35 years

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    Fans have been hoping that Kate Bush would return to the stage. After a 35-year absence, 2014 is the year.
  2. Celebrity Gossip

    Women of soul take over the White House

    Last night, the first lady hosted a star-studded celebration of female soul singers. Besides one embarrassing misstep by her...
  3. Celebrity Gossip

    Is Miley Cyrus using a teleprompter on tour?

    Miley Cyrus apparently needs a teleprompter while in concert to help her remember the lyrics to her own songs.
  4. Music

    Listen up! Johnny Flynn's infinite talent

    Johnny Flynn crept quietly into our rotation a few years ago, and now he's busting his way around North America. Find out why we...
  5. Music

    VIDEO: Britney Spears' Las Vegas show: Is she lip-synching?

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    Her show will be a mega-hit in Las Vegas, but is Britney Spears lip-synching her way through the show? Watch the video of her dress...
  6. Music

    Garth Brooks races out of retirement with world tour

    Garth Brooks just couldn't sit still anymore. His babies are raised, so it's time for him to hit the road.
  7. Music

    Billy Joel is in a New York state of mind

    The Piano Man is staying put in New York City. Billy Joel announced that he will be playing at Madison Square Garden once a month.
  8. Music

    VIDEO: Selena Gomez falls off the stage during concert

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    Selena Gomez had a misstep at a recent concert when she fell off the stage. But it's not the fall that has both fans and critics...
  9. Movies & Reviews

    One Direction: This Is Us movie review: Niall in 3D!

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    Love or hate Simon Cowell, his genius as a music producer is undeniable. Putting this fab five in sync may be Cowell's legacy, as...
  10. Music

    Brandy performs to an empty stadium in South Africa

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    Brandy Norwood flew all the way to South Africa to perform for a stadium filled with 90,000 people. However, there were only 40...
  11. Celebrity Gossip

    Pink Floyd pig display: Jew hatred or peaceful protest?

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    The former bassist and front man for Pink Floyd is under fire from a rabbi for flying a pig balloon wearing a Star of David at a...
  12. Celebrity Gossip

    Beyoncé gets tangled with a fan onstage

    Beyoncé recently had an unpleasant encounter with a cooling fan while onstage during her latest concert in Montreal, Canada.
  13. Entertainment

    Jewel opens up about family, her future & Greatest Hits tour

    Jewel takes a break from her Greatest Hits tour to chat with SheKnows as our Girl Crush of the Month.
  14. Music

    Bjork’s Biophilia concert review: Sea urchin on her face

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    From swan dress to moon child, Bjork sonically explores the science of the natural world in her Biophilia tour. Crazy wigs went...
  15. Music

    Coachella 2014 dates announced

    Just when you thought it was safe to put away the fringed vest, flowy skirt, and big floppy hat, the dates for Coachella 2014 have...
  16. Music

    Glee star Darren Criss announces summer tour

    Glee cutie Darren Criss has just announced he's about to embark on a summer tour.
  17. Music

    Meet the hardest-working bands of 2012

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    James Brown was known as “the hardest-working man in showbiz” but it looks like English singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran is giving Brown...
  18. Celebrity Gossip

    Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart party with Hanson

    Robert Pattinson takes Kristen Stewart to a Hanson concert for her 23rd birthday.
  19. Music

    Why summer just got a bit bettah, thanks to Kid Rock

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    May we have a show of hands for those of you who are secretly crushing on Kid Rock? Okay, so maybe just my sister and I have our...
  20. Music

    Queens of the Stone Age to release first album in 6 Years

    With their first new album since 2007’s Era Vulgaris , rock band Queens of the Stone Age are back and bigger than ever in 2013.