1. Gardening

    Upcycle those raked leaves this fall

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    Fall has finally arrived, and your trees are responding by dropping leaves all over your yard. Raking leaves into huge piles is...
  2. Live Green

    Composting basics: The dos and the don'ts

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    Wondering how to get started composting? We talked to a pro to get the basics and learned that composting is a lot easier than it...
  3. Live Green

    Revamp your recycling for Earth Day

    Sure, you recycle. But are you really efficient? Learn how to fine-tune your recycling habits to make more out of your contributions...
  4. Gardening

    5 Food items that will help your garden grow

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    We all know that throwing food scraps in a compost bin is a great way to fertilize our gardens, but not everyone has room for a...
  5. Outdoor & Gardening

    Tips on how to make your own compost bin

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    Having access to high-quality composted soil can be the difference between a good garden and a great garden. Compost is filled with...
  6. Gardening

    Composting Food Scraps

    One of the great benefits of composting is that you can reduce your household waste by adding food scraps to the compost bin....
  7. Gardening

    Humanure and Composting Toilets

    We generally accept the idea of adding cow manure or bird droppings to the garden as a fertilizer, but thinking about using the...
  8. Gardening

    Winter Composting

    Composting isn't only a summer garden chore. You can do it all year-round! Decomposition is a bit slower in the colder months, but...
  9. Live Green

    Going green in 2012: Corporate food composting

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    Food composting isn't just for hippies who like to create their own garden mulch. This green way to deal with food waste -- and...
  10. Gardening

    Compost Temperature Maintenance

    Temperature is one of the key indicators of whether or not your compost is actually composting. In spite of this, so many of us rely...
  11. Gardening

    Rapid Composting

    If you have a mix of the right organic ingredients and the right temperatures, compost will happen. But it can take months... Some...
  12. Gardening

    Compost Crank

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    Ask any gardener to tell you their least-favorite gardening task, and they'll admit it's flipping compost. Composting is hard work....
  13. Gardening

    Make Leaf Mold

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    With fall almost here, it's time to start thinking about what you'll do with all those leaves. One of the greatest gifts leaves give...
  14. Gardening

    DIY Compost Tumbler

    Composting is an excellent way to create nutritious fertilizer for your garden while reducing your family's landfill contribution....
  15. Eco-Parenting

    10 Fun tips to green your kids

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    Earth Day is a fun holiday to teach your kids about being more eco-conscious, but every day can be a great opportunity to green your...
  16. Live Green

    10 Fab alternatives to throwing it away

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    We throw away a lot of stuff! You've heard it before, but it's not cliche: each of us can make a difference in our own little way....
  17. Gardening

    Compost Fly Control

    One of the home gardener's biggest compost problems is controlling flies. Manure and food scraps are very appealing to flies, and...
  18. Gardening

    Composting is easy with Compost Boost

    Composting is one of the easiest ways for a gardener to get rich, earthy soil, but sometimes the process can take a long time,...
  19. Live Green

    5 Benefits of composting

    Composting is the process where organic waste biodegrades naturally into nutrient-rich soil, which can then be used to grow new...
  20. Gardening

    Recycling Christmas Trees

    After the holidays are over, what should you do with your Christmas tree?