1. Television

    Community recap: "Changnesia"

    When the gang take Advanced Documentary Filmmaking, they use the class as an opportunity to research Chang's condition. Is he faking...
  2. Television

    Community preview: "Advanced Documentary Filmmaking"

    The study group uses their Advanced Documentary Filmmaking class to research and document the truth behind Chang's amnesia
  3. Television

    Community recap: Jeff meets his dad

    It's Thanksgiving, and the gang spends the holiday as every red-blooded American should: hiding out in garages trying to escape from...
  4. Entertainment

    The cast of Community will live forever as puppets

    The cast of Community will live on way past the show's expiration date, not just in the hearts of the fans but as felt-covered...
  5. Television

    Community recap: This means war

    Oktoberfest, beer maidens, Nazi jokes, and World War II references. The Germans are ready to take over Greendale one study room at a...
  6. Television

    Community recap: Inspector Spacetime fun times

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    Troy and Abed's friendship runs into trouble at the Inspector Spacetime convention. Also, Annie goes a little crazy.
  7. Television

    Community teaser: "Yes, Mrs. Winger?"

    Have fun with the nerds, Jeff!
  8. Television

    James Brolin on his Community debut as Papa Winger

    Daddy's home! Community 's delving into Jeff's dysfunctional family. With the help of James Brolin, father and son will put it all...
  9. Television

    Community recap: Haunted family reunion

    The study group is in for scares, sex toys and surprise characters when they venture to Pierce's mansion on Halloween.
  10. Television

    Happy Valloween from Community

    A look into Pierce's haunted mansion and the room with the swing.
  11. Television

    Community recap: Capture the balls

    Community is finally back and the study group is trying to cope with knowledge that this will be their last year together (maybe...
  12. Television

    It's about time! NBC's Community returns tonight

    Can you believe Community has been off the air for nine months? Thankfully, the wait is over. Tonight, the show returns with its...
  13. Television

    New Community trailer: Finally!

    Guys! The return of Community is just around the corner and we've got a first look at what's ahead.
  14. Television

    Community : Chevy Chase is outta there!

    The Community cast is downsizing. In an expected move, Chevy Chase is leaving the show. He's the first series regular to jump ship...
  15. Television

    NBC finally pulls Community off the bench

    The TV gods have heard our prayers. Community has been pulled out of early retirement. NBC has finally given the sitcom a return...
  16. Television

    Chevy Chase loses it over racist Community character

    Community star Chevy Chase counters racism by using a racial slur.
  17. Television

    Community postponed yet again

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    Will the sitcom Community ever get any respect? It doesn't seem likely as its Season 4 debut is delayed indefinitely.
  18. Television

    Actor ditching NBC's Community for a new show?

    Community may be losing fan favorite Donald Glover, who is close to inking a deal with NBC to headline his own show.
  19. Television

    Full Community cast back for Season 4

    Not long ago, Community was on the brink of being canceled, but dedicated fans of the series rallied to save it. Now with a small...
  20. Television

    NBC to air SNL election spoof for the 2012 election

    NBC has big changes in store for the fall season, but they also plan to fall back on some staples.