comfy and cozy issue

  1. Crafts

    DIY: No-sew scarf for kids

    Fall is the perfect time for making a nice cozy scarf, and now you don't need sewing skills to make one! Check out this easy no-sew...
  2. Age by Age

    Cozy fall sweaters for every age

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    Nothing says fall like a cozy sweater. We've picked out the cutest sweaters for boys and girls to wear as the weather cools down...
  3. Décor & Style

    SheKnows spacelifts: The bright side of fall

    Summer isn't the only season that boasts bright colors. Fall, too, has its fair share of vibrancy, thanks to all that gorgeous...
  4. Bed and bath

    SheKnows spacelifts: 10 Fall bathrooms under $500

    The start of a new season brings us the opportunity to transform our homes. Autumn is a refreshing time of year as temps begin to...
  5. Kitchen and dining

    SheKnows spacelifts: 10 Fall kitchens under $100

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    Your kitchen will experience great use during the fall season with holiday gatherings and impromptu after-school visits, so it's...
  6. Bed and bath

    SheKnows spacelifts: 10 Fall bedrooms under $500

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    Our bedroom is our sanctuary and one of the only places we can truly call our own in the home. This season, bring in the fall...
  7. Cats

    12 White fluffy kittens to snuggle up with

    We're rounding up the cutest, fluffiest white cats from Instagram! For days when things just aren't going your way, or when you just...
  8. Dogs

    17 Pugs you'll want to pin

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    We love taking pictures of our cute pets and, every once in a while, they will pose for us. Pinterest is the ultimate dog showcase...
  9. Home crafts

    DIY mini pumpkin candles

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    Now that the kids are back in school, you can finally decorate your house in peace. With fall just around the corner, this means...
  10. Home crafts

    DIY fluffy burlap wreath

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    With August more than halfway over, it's time to start planning (decorating) for fall! An easy way to add some fall flair to your...